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The 11th Charles River Open Team Race

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22-24 June 2007
MIT Sailing Pavilion

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  • Sponsored in part by 'Atlantis' gear This year's CRO will attempt to attract sailors who haven't played the game in awhile as well as youth, west coast and international competitors. Please encourage folks who have gone towards the plus' sizes or consider them self to be 'masters' to give this dinghy event a try. The exact format will be decided by the Wednesday preceding. It is our intention to fill up the event with 48 teams. Harvard, BU and CBI have offered their boats so we might have 3 fleets of 18 FJs as well as 1 fleet of 18 420s. However, these decisions need to wait until we know more precisely how many are actually coming. On your entry form, you will have an opportunity to indicate if you would prefer to begin racing on Friday evening at 5pm (and report at 10 am on Saturday) or to report at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Starting times and your assigned boats for the first set will be posted after 1800 on June 20 on the event website. There will be no competitors' meeting so we encourage you to send us your questions and we will post the answers so all can review.

    Racers who live near or visit The Red Sox Nation are reminded that college sailing needs your help to keep the sport organized at a high level. Please call or write one of the coaches at Harvard, NU or MIT and give on one of their events this spring. Those contributing sailors will receive free entry to this event and the collegiate sailors will learn that their time will come to give back, also. It's what our game is all about.

    Boats in dock

    Finally we encourage you to fill out an entry form as completely as possible. If you have some personnel gaps we would strongly suggest that you fill it out as TBD. As in the past, this event is first come, first served. Electronic entry fee payment will not be processed until the date of the regatta. Likewise, your damage deposit can be held on your credit card during the event. Hopefully, these changes will make it easier to register, know precisely when to show up and enhance a full weekend of fun team racing for all.

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    Updated: 2014/02/10 21:53:19