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The MIT Fleet

  • 31 Tech Dinghies

    The Tech was designed specifically for MIT by Professor George Owen, and the first boats were made for the opening of the Sailing Pavilion in 1935. These boats were built of wood, lapstrake construction by the famous Herreshoff Yard in Bristol, Rhode Island. They featured a movable mast so they could be either sloop or cat rigged. A large half model of these early boats still exists in the stairway at the Pavilion. In 1953 the first fiberglass Techs were built by Beetle Boat of Cape Cod, and their construction marked a pioneering effort in this material that would soon take over the boat building industry. These boats had a relatively low freeboard and were famous for their rugged construction. Our present Techs were built in 1993 by OSP Composites of Wisconsin, and the design was modified by yacht designed Halsey Herreshoff, grandson of the original builders. The boats are 12.5 feet (3.81m) long, cat rigged, weigh about 200 pounds (90kg), and represent the best technology in heavy duty fiberglass construction. Although it is designed as a beginner's boat and for casual recreational use, the Tech is a popular boat for racing and one of the most popular of the college racing classes. ‐ Sailing and the Tech Dinghy

    The current fleet of Tech Dinghies are now made of a much lighter carbon-fiber composite, and have drop-in cassette rudders, flotation tanks (enough to come up dry after righting from capsize), reinforced bows, and numerous adjustable rigging controls.

  • A fleet of 24 Fireflies
  • Six Arey's Pond Lynx Catboats

    The Lynx is a beautiful gaff-rigged catboat. It has a wide, comfortable cockpit and can accommodate 2 to 8 people.
  • Two Lasers

    A Laser is a small, lightweight, single-person sailboat. On a breezy day, expect to go very fast and get wet!
  • 24 Club Flying Juniors (FJ's) (used by the Sailing Team)

  • Six 420's

  • Moth

    For advanced sailors only!

  • Mashnee

    One of 6 remaining Buzzards Bay 30 boats, Mashnee was built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in 1902.
  • One Shellback - built as an IAP project at the MIT Museum

  • Various Sailboards

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