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MITNA Firefly Fleet Racing

Who: MITNA Normal & Racing Members
Boats: Double-Handed Fireflies
Contact: Firefly Fleet Chair

Fireflies are the leading collegiate center-board racing dinghies in the UK, and MIT now has a major fleet of 20 boats! The Firefly is a fun, fast, 2-person, 2-sail sloop which can be sailed competitively by a far wider range of sailor-sizes than FJs. Come as a skipper-crew team, or come alone and find a partner on the dock!


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Firefly Information


Fireflies vs. Kayaks Fireflies on the Run
CROTR 2012 photos courtesy of Ken Legler

All of the regattas run by MITNA follow the Racing Rules of Sailing set by World Sailing, as amended by the US Sailing Prescriptions set by US Sailing and the Class Rules of the Intercollegiate Dinghy Class as set by ICSA.

Updated: 2014/07/11 19:06:36
Updated: 2014/07/11 19:06:36