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Coastal Sailing at MIT


Bluewater Sailing

Mashnee is a 1902 Buzzards Bay 30 designed by world renowned naval architect Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff (MIT Class of 1870). The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company built Mashnee as one of fourteen boats but only six hulls are known to still exist. Mashnee has a waterline of 30 feet and a length of overall of 46 feet 6 inches but with the bowsprit she reaches 50 feet. The fleet of fourteen Buzzard Bay 30s were originally commissioned for members of Beverly Yacht Club who wanted a shallower draft day raceboat with a cutter rig. In 1939, Mashnee was fit with a Marconi rig and remains that way today. She draws 8 feet 4 inches with the centerboard down and only 5 feet 4 inches with the board up.

For many years, Mashnee lay abandoned on a beach in Myrtle, South Carolina until Jan Rozendaal was inspired by an article in Wooden Boat Magazine to take it to Vermont for a full restoration and rebuild. It took three years but the restoration was completed in 2008 at Darling Boatworks. In 2017, Mashnee was awarded the most photogenic boat award at the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. Jan and Mary Rozendaal kindly donated this museum quality yacht to the MIT sailing program to be sailed and raced in 2018 and beyond.

You can learn more about Mashnee at the MITNA Bluewater Wiki.

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Upcoming Events

DateTimeEventEntriesSign Up
Mon 16-Jul-201817:00-21:00Monday Mashnee Harbor Sail9Please login to sign-up
Mon 16-Jul-201810:00-17:00Monday Earlier Mashnee Harbor 1Please login to sign-up
Tue 17-Jul-201817:30-21:30Mashnee evening sail10Please login to sign-up
Tue 17-Jul-201813:00-17:30Sloan Staff Cruise
Tue 17-Jul-201800:00-12:00Sunrise Sail5Please login to sign-up
Wed 18-Jul-201817:30-20:30Wednesday Night Racing
Wed 18-Jul-201808:00-16:00Mashnee workshop
Thu 19-Jul-201815:30-19:00Harbor cruise
Thu 19-Jul-201800:00-15:00Sunrise Sail5Please login to sign-up
Fri 20-Jul-201812:00-23:30Beringer Bowl18Please login to sign-up
Sun 22-Jul-201800:00-23:30mashnee maine preparation5Please login to sign-up
Tue 24-Jul-201806:00-23:30mashnee delivery to camden5Please login to sign-up

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Updated: 2018/02/21 10:52:26