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MITNA Dinghy Racing Program

Join the best racing program of New England! MITNA offers a huge slew of racing opportunities, from learn-to-race to racing with All Americans and Olympian prospects.

There are three primary racing seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Spring and Fall

Advanced evening racing for hard-core sailors is offered on Monday evenings until sunset, early April through mid May and again from Labor Day through October.


During the Summer, racing is available every night of the week. Races begin in June and run through the last week of August.

Learn to Race
- Learn-to-Race is taught by volunteer instructors who will coach you through better boat handling, race tactics and strategy. It will attempt to bring the accomplished sailor to become a confident racer and comfortable in handling a dinghy solo with the tiller extension in a wide range of breeze conditions.

Advanced Tech Racing
- Advanced racing is hard core. If you want to rumble and tumble with the best, this is the finest dinghy racing in New England. Ask an MIT sailing coach for his opinion before you step into the lion.

Open Tech Racing
- Thursday evening Intermediate Racing is for those who have graduated from Monday evenings but don't quite have the skill and/or confidence to take the heat from the hard core Tuesday crowd - or just want more practice in a friendly, relaxed fleet where egos are checked at the door. Single-handed fleet racing in Tech Dinghies - although crews (often skippers' kids) are welcome.

Team Racing
- Team racing is a different type of format where teams of three boats compete team-on-team. Typically we will sail in Fireflies, 2 sailors per boat. If you are skilled at skippering and crewing in a Firefly then this is a fun format to learn the exciting game of 3 on 3 team racing. Organizers will make up teams before leaving the dock so don't hesitate to join if you know the game and don't have a partner.


All of the regattas run by MITNA follow the Racing Rules of Sailing set by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), as amended by the US Sailing Prescriptions set by US Sailing and the class rules of the intercollegiate dinghy class as set by ICSA.

Updated: 2014/07/11 19:06:36
Updated: 2014/07/11 19:06:36