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Learn-to-Sail: Sundays All-in-one

Scheduled Classes

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Sun 21-May-201709:00-14:00Learn-to-Sail All-in-One


Sundays 9:00am to 1:30pm during the Summer

Who May Attend

This class is intended for members of the MIT Community who have no prior sailing experience and want to become active sailors at MIT.

Attendance is limited to 30 people per session! This number may change depending on conditions and boat availability.

Those with prior experience (including any prior graduates of the Learn-to-sail classes) who wish to have a "refresher" are encouraged to attend the Wednesday #2 lessons.


  • Valid MIT ID or proof of MIT Community status.
  • Current MIT athletic membership.
  • Ability to swim. No exceptions. You should be able to meet the standard MITNA swimming requirement, but do not need to present proof.
  • Appropriate attire. Come dressed for sailing: Wear sneakers and clothes that you do not mind getting soaked in the Muddy Charles water.
  • You may bring one non-MIT guest. However, there is no guarantee there will be space available for your guest.


You should Register online before the class. You must show up by 5 minutes before the class time listed on the Registration page to retain your spot. Afterwards all available spots will be opened to people who have registered and were wait-listed, and then to any walk-ins. Absolutely no phone or e-mail reservations! Currently non-MIT Community guests cannot pre-register.

Before The Class

We recommend that you watch the videos and practice the Stunsail Tack Bend and Bowline knots (Animated Knots).


Sunday sessions are run without any major breaks, so be ready for a full morning of intense sailing instruction! You must attend from the beginning and are expected to commit to the entire class. We fit as much training and experience sailing as possible into one long session.

During the class, two people will sail in each Tech Dinghy.

Please leave your wallet, cellphones, and any other valuables at home. Bring only your MIT ID and items that can get wet. Do not bring purses, backpacks, laptops, or anything else that will make you unhappy if it gets wet or lost.

8:30-9:00am Registration Sign-In
  • Check-in for boat assignments, learn some knots, start rigging the sail on your Tech Dinghy.
8:55am Registration Cutoff
  • Registrants for the 9:00 session must show up by 8:55am or forfeit their spots.
9:00am-11:30am Basics and First Sail
  • Basic Pavilion info (general tour, front desk, sailing cards).
  • Learn to rig your boat.
  • Basic sailing concepts: Wind direction, balance, sail trim, steering, tacking.
  • Go for your first sail: Launch, sail out to a buoy, tack, land at dock.
11:30am-1:00pm Additional Sailing Concepts and Practice
  • Short lecture with more details on Tacking, Gybing, Sailing Upwind/Downwind.
  • Additional sailing practice sailing back and forth between buoys on the water.
  • Unrigging.
1:00pm-1:30pm Wrap-up and Pavilion Details
  • Review of sailing session - Q & A.
  • Additional details about Pavilion use and rules.


You can use these handouts both before and after the class:


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