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Learn to Sail

Learn-to-Sail classes are available to all Members of the MIT Community. In just a few hours, MITNA Learn to Sail classes will teach you how to sail!

If you have previous experience, show up to the "first" Wednesday session, to learn how the Pavilion works. If you are new, show up to all of the Wednesday sessions or to a Sunday session.


There are two types of classes: Wednesday Evening and Sunday All-in-One.

Wednesday Series Sunday All-in-One
When Wednesdays (Early May - Early September)
5:15pm - 7:15pm
Sundays (Early May - Early September)
9:00am to 1:30pm
Where MIT Sailing Pavilion MIT Sailing Pavilion
Who Members of the MIT Community who:
  • have never sailed before (classes 1-2)
  • know how to sail but are new to sailing at MIT (class 1 only)
  • have taken sailing classes in the past but would like a refresher (class 2)
  • Members of the MIT Community who have no prior sailing experience and are ready for a 4.5-hour "bootcamp" class
    Course Summary Basic sailing in the Tech Dinghy, from orientation through on-the-water practice. This series consists of separate lessons:

  • Class 1: Classroom and Dock:
    • Intro to the Pavilion and its programs
    • Rules and procedures
    • How to sail lecture
    • Rigging demonstration
    • Sailing demonstration
  • Class 2: On the Water Sailing
    • Rig your boat
    • Quick lecture and demonstration
    • Go sailing
  • Sailing Bootcamp! An intense 4.5 hours class which introduces you to the basics of sailing and being part of the MIT Sailing community. Class will cover:
    • Lectures & Demos
    • Rigging the boat
    • Sailing!
    • Putting the boat away

    Online Registration (up to 60 people for Class 1, up to 24 people for Class 2)

    Online registration in the week prior to the class. Approximately 30 students per class depending on conditions.

    Very limited walk-in space available should there be any no-shows.

    Due to demand, limited to the MIT Community (students, staff, faculty, immediate family).

    Contact Wednesday Class Instructors Sunday Class Instructors

    Which class should I take?

    Experience Wed #1 Wed #2 Sun
    I have never sailed before. X X X
    I took Wed #1 more than two years ago. X X X
    I completed all Wed classes or the Sunday class about a year ago. None! Just go sailing!
    I had a sailng card with Provisional or higher rating many years ago. None! Ask staff for tips then go sailing!
    I completed all Wed classes or the Sunday class more than two years ago and never got a Provisional rating.   X  
    I already know how to sail, and I am good at it, but never at MIT. X    
    I am an expert/superb/amazing/incredible sailor, but new to MIT Sailing. X    


    If you are interested in helping out this season, please send us a note.

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