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Learn to Sail

Learn-to-Sail classes are available to all Members of the MIT Community. In just a few hours, MITNA Learn to Sail classes will teach you how to sail!

If you have previous experience, show up to the "first" Mid-Week session (Class 1) to learn how the Pavilion works.

If you are new to sailing, register for the set of Mid-Week 1-2-3 sessions or for a Sunday session.


There are two types of classes: Mid-Week 1-2-3 and Sunday All-in-One.

Due to demand, limited to the MIT Community (Students, Staff, Faculty, Alums, Affiliates, and MIT Athletics Members).

Mid-Week 1-2-3 Series Sunday All-in-One
When Tues-Wed-Thurs (Early April - Late September)
5:30pm - 7:30pm (will start earlier for early sunsets)
Sundays (Mid May - Early September [Labor Day])
9:00am to 2:00pm
Where MIT Sailing Pavilion MIT Sailing Pavilion
Who Members of the MIT Community who:
  • Have never sailed before (classes 1-2-3)
  • Know how to sail but are new to sailing at MIT (class 1 only)
  • Have taken sailing classes in the past but would like a refresher (classes 1-2-3 or just class 3)
  • Members of the MIT Community who have little or no prior sailing experience and are ready for a 5-hour "bootcamp" class
    Course Summary Basic sailing in the Tech Dinghy, from orientation through on-the-water practice. This series consists of separate lessons:

    • Class 1: Classroom and Dock:
      • Practice Knots
      • Intro to the Pavilion and its programs
      • Rules and procedures
      • How to sail lecture
      • Rigging demonstration
      • Sailing demonstration
    • Class 2: On the Water Sailing
      • Rig your boat
      • Quick lecture and demonstration
      • Go sailing: Launching, Steering, Sail Trim, Tacking, Landing
    • Class 3: Additional Basic Skills and Practice
      • Rig your boat
      • Quick demonstration
      • Sailing: Tiller Extension, Gybing, Upwind/Downwind
    Sailing Bootcamp! An intense 5-hour class which introduces you to the basics of sailing and being part of the MIT Sailing community. Class will cover:
    • Practice Knots
    • Intro to the Pavilion and its programs
    • Rigging demonstration and practice
    • Sailing demonstration
    • Sailing Session 1: Launch, Steer, Trim, Tack, Land
    • Lecture (how to sail), advanced topics, and more demos
    • Sailing Session 2: Tiller Extension, Gybing, Upwind/Downwind
    • Unrigging: Putting the boat away
    • Other details/Wrap-up

    Online Registration - up to 20 students for the set of Classes 1-2-3.

    Online registration - up to 20 students per class depending on conditions.

    Contact Mid-Week 1-2-3 Class Instructors Sunday Class Instructors

    Which class should I take?

    Experience Tue #1 Wed #2 Thu #3 Sun
    I have never sailed before. X X X X
    I took Class #1 more than two years ago. X X X X
    I completed all Mid-Week classes or the Sunday class about a year ago. None! Just go sailing!
    I had a sailng card with Provisional or higher rating many years ago. None! Ask staff for tips then go sailing!
    I completed all Mid-Week classes or the Sunday class more than two years ago and never got a Provisional rating. [X] [X] X  
    I already know how to sail, and I am good at it, but never at MIT. X    
    I am an expert/superb/amazing/incredible sailor, but new to MIT Sailing. X    


    If you are interested in helping out this season, please send us a note.

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