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Windsurfing @ MIT

The Sailing Pavilion at MIT hosts a windsurfing group with very diverse skill levels and experience. Everyone who surfs is very friendly, and willing to help whether you are just getting started, or are advancing to intermediate techniques. We also make occasional trips to nearby windsurfing destinations along the coast.

The Sailing Pavilion has boards, sails, and equipment, for all of MITNA Members, There is on-dock storage, which makes coming to surf easy and convenient.

Introduction to Windsurfing Classes

Nothing scheduled

Class size limited to 8 people, please pre-register.

Windsurfing on the Charles


The MIT Windsurfing group is a part of MITNA. In order to take out the sailboards you must have:

  • Your Swim rating
  • Taken the Wednesday Learn-to-sail Lesson #1
    or Taken the Sunday Learn-to-sail All In One
    or Taken the Introduction to Windsurfing Class (check the schedule for upcomming dates)
    or Have had time to get an introduction to our windsurfing equipment/program from a staff or volunteer


The windsurfing group also hosts the Introduction to Windsurfing classes to introduce beginners into this exciting sport. These classes are about two hours long and concentrate on rigging a windsurf and general rig handling.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. You must always wear a lifejacket when windsurfing.
  2. Only 3 sails are allowed to stay rigged in the bay at a time. These are one 7.5m, one 5.5m and a third sail.
  3. The space in front of bay 4 is reserved for windsurfing. Keep all equipment in this region. Please move your board down to this region so that you are not in the way of other sailors. If there are tech dinghies on the dock, speak with the dock staff and get the techs moved to another region.
  4. Do NOT sail into regattas. If there is a race going on, please stay away from the racing zone.
  5. Stay away from the yacht club boats. If you get stuck there, swim the boards away from the yachts.
  6. If you are a beginner, please inform the dock staff so that they can keep an extra eye on you.


To learn more, and to get involved, join our mailing list (please use your MIT email):

  • Inventory

    • Boards : 4
    • Rigs : 1x7.5, 1x6.5, 2x5.5, 1x4.5, 1x3.0
    • There are also some harnesses and harness straps available.
    We try to keep a detailed list in our Wiki - Windsurfing Section.

    The parts of a windsurf rig

    The following image from Rick McClain Nautical Sailing Terms & Nomenclature shows all the parts of a windsurfing rig:

    Updated: 2014/07/09 19:49:05
    Updated: 2014/07/09 19:49:05