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Sailing Pavilion Rules & Regulations


  1. Each person using MIT boats must be able to swim at least 100 yards.
  2. Each person in MIT boats must always wear a life jacket when on the water.
  3. Each person using MIT sailing dinghies must always wear a protective helmet on his/her head.
  4. Never leave your boat after leaving the dock. If you capsize, stay with the boat until you are rescued or you right yourself.
  5. Lower your sail if you need assistance when away from the dock.
  6. All boats must return to the Pavilion immediately upon any of the following:
    1. Sunset
    2. The burgee (the red triangular flag) is lowered
    3. The dock lights are turned on
    4. Thunder is heard or lightning is seen.
  7. Smoking is not permitted in any MITNA facilities.
  8. Alcohol is never allowed in the boats. Alcohol is only allowed at the Sailing Pavilion for officially registered and approved events. For more information about the registration process, refer to

The Boats

  1. Boats are not to be left unattended at the dock.
    1. Lower your sail immediately after tying your boat to the dock upon return.
  2. Do not land your boat when there is insufficient dock space and always land with the front of the boat pointing into the wind.
  3. Do not raise the sail or install the rudder until the boat is in the water.
  4. Lower the sail, remove the rudder, and raise the centerboard (with bungee attached) before hauling a boat onto the dock.
  5. Responsibility for a boat remains with the member who checked it out.
    1. Upon returning to the dock, check at the desk as to the disposition of your boat.
  6. Report any damage or needed repair to the dock staff. If the damage was your fault you may be asked to help fix the damage and/or volunteer your help in some other area.

The Sails

  1. Do not allow sails to drag on the dock.
  2. Clean the sail if needed.
  3. Roll sails from the bottom to the top so the number is visible.

Sailing Area and Rules

  1. Do not crash. Avoid collisions.
    1. All sailboats must stay away from crew shells, canoes, kayaks and other rowed boats.
    2. Stay away from very large boats which cannot easily steer away from you.
    3. Learn and follow the Rules of the Road.
  2. Sail only between the Harvard and Longfellow bridges.
    1. Keep out of restricted areas:
      - Longfellow Bridge Construction Zone
      - 4th of July Fireworks Barges
      - Charles River Yacht Club
      - Community Boating and nearby islands
    2. Keep the MIT dock in sight at all times.
  3. Land only at the MIT Sailing Pavilion dock.

Updated: 2014/11/07 06:52:54
Updated: 2014/11/07 06:52:54