Fifth Fleet Dedication Ceremony

The Fifth Generation Tech Dinghy Fleet at MIT
Design by Professor George Owen 1935
Commencement Day, June 4, 2004

On this festive day, we gather to dedicate MIT's fifth fleet of Tech Dinghies, to honor the outstanding generosity of the donors of the fleet, and to praise the skill and commitment of those who have built the boats and made signal improvements upon a classic design.

In its tradition, in the joy it has given its thousands of members over eight decades, and in the heartfelt devotion of its supporters, the MIT Sailing Pavilion may be an institution unique in the world. And the Tech Dinghy, at once welcoming to novices and challenging to champions, is the perfect emblem of MIT Sailing.

On behalf of MIT Sailing, it gives me the keenest pleasure to welcome this fifth fleet of Tech Dinghies to the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

Francis Charles
Sailing Master

The Fifth Fleet

Hull 1EyrieBobbie and Burt Bromfield
Hull 2HatchMaria Bozzuto
Hull 3DolceMaybeth and Ed Sonn
Hull 4Emily WickSandy Bay Bullseye Fleet & Friends of Emily Wick
Hull 5James K. BraheHerbert B. Voelcker
Hull 6Spruce BudwormJan and Graham Walker
Hull 7Rock 'n RollEric Gibber, J.T. Lendon, Susan Ostrowski, John and Ellen Pratt, and Kyle Welch
Hull 8Coach Ed ShawKen Legg, Terry Cronburg, Dave Halberstadt, Stephen Cucchiaro
Hull 9LiisaKari Salomaa
Hull 10 Ruthie B.Larrow Bacow '72 and Adele Fleet Bacow G77
Hull 11Red PepperRob Pepper '71
Hull 12BetsyTom '62, Andrew '00 and Matthew Greytak '04
Hull 13Ol' BillWilliam J. Hecht
Hull 14Abraham RizikaJack and Karen Rizika
Hull 15Harold RizikaJack and Karen Rizika
Hull 16Robert P. Serengard Jack and Karen Rizika
Hull 17StuieKenneth and Ardelle Legg
Hull 18Lowell NorthTerry J. Kohler
Hull 19Bertha RizikaJack and Karen Rizika
Hull 20Doc LukensRudy Carl
Hull 21John BardeenTom Greytak and Ray Ashoori
Hull 22Wave Train TooPage and Watt Webb
Hull 23Betty JeanMark van Stolk
Hull 24GarnetMr. and Mrs. R. Gary Helmig
Hull 25ElectronDoug DeCouto, T. Ryan Cleary, Adam London
Hull 26
Hull 27Lucky RangerWilliam Critch and Margaret Read
Hull 28Arthur A. Jane N. Fogg, Louise N. Botero, Arthur Latham Nichols
Hull 29
Hull 30JavelinSheila and Bill Widnall
Hull 31TurboSheila and Bill Widnall
Hull 32BoomerSheila and Bill Widnall
Hull 33


Welcoming Remarks

Director of Athletics
Candace Royer
Commodore of MIT Nautical Association
Anna Custo
Sailing Master
Francis Charles

Acknowledgements of Contributors to the New Design:
MIT Boat Rigger
John Pratt
MIT Sailing Master Emeritus
Hatch Brown
Fusion Boats
Paul Grimes
Jibe Tech
Andy Pimental
Assistant Sailing Master
Mike Kalin
Pavilion Dock Staff
Dwight Brown, Bob Toabe, Shawn Porter, Joe Duplin
Members of the Sailing Teams
MIT, Brandeis, Wellesley, Northeastern and Wentworth

Remarks by the donors of the fleet

Five Tech Fleets at MIT

The First Fleet
Built by Herreshoff Company
Bristol, RI
The Second Fleet
Built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding
Wareham, MA
The Third Fleet
Built by Vanguard, Inc.
Pewaukee, WI
The Fourth Fleet
Built by OSP Composites
Madison, WI
The Fifth Fleet
New molds by Fusion Boats
Middletown, RI

Built by Jibe Tech
Portsmouth, RI

If you are a donor, please send us remarks about the boat you named via e-mail!

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