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MIT Sailing
75th Anniversary Renewal Project

Fleet Renewal and Endowment

MIT's unique sailing program which caters to varsity sailors, veteran advanced racers, novice racers, and all the way to the "learn-to-sail" crowds requires a unique and sturdy fleet of boats. The "Tech Dinghy" is the workhorse of this fleet, catering to all our members. However, a fully educated sailor must be able to handle boats other than a single-sail dinghy. Plus, we can't forget that many of our alumni like to come back decades later for a peaceful sail on a forgiving boat. To attend all these needs, the MIT float is unique and extensive.

The 75th Anniversary Renewal Project will make sailing easier to slip into a busy academic schedule. Boat lifespan is expected to improve dramatically with the installation of the new dock system and the types of boats are diverse and challenging, yet simple to rig and use. The table below lists the current fleet and the renewed fleet of 2011.

Tech Dinghy 36 30 $11.5k $345k
Firefly -- 20 (new!) $10k $200k
FJ's 18 18 $10k $180k
Catboat -- 6 (new!) $35k $210k
420's 6 6 $10k $60k
K6 -- 2 (new!) $30k $60k
Rhodes 19 6 Retire (See Catboat)
Laser* 6 3
Hobie Cat 20* 1 Retire (See K6)
Windsurfers* 6 10
Vanguard 15* 1 Retire

*Small Recreational Boats
The Lasers and Windsurfers are an important part of the recreational sailing program. These boats are immensely enjoyed by recreational sailors during the summer time. After the end of the collegiate season the recreational boats are placed out on the docks. The Pavilion is committed to maintaining these boats in top shape every year. You can help us maintain these important boats by supporting our general operations.

Our goal is to replace all our fleets, so that the program can continue to revitalize a huge percentage of the MIT student body with a lifetime recreational skill. It is becoming critical to replace our aging fleets in time for the 75th Anniversary or we will face repair work which we simply can not stay up with. The Rhodes 19s are in their 24th season. The 420s have been raced hard and are starting to suffer structural failures in the keelson, tank flanges and rails. The techs are used every day with very little down time. On any nice day every single boat is out from 4pm until sunset. The success of the program is simply wearing out equipment very rapidly. We urgently need your assistance in this coming year to continue this fine tradition.

Fleet of FJs and Tech Dinghys




This fleet made possible by: Your Name Here!

Full boat donations or Fleet gifts will proudly display a plaque inside the cockpit area for all users to appreciate your generosity.

All donors or groups of donors are invited to name their boat as well. Historically, names have been chosen to honor a coach, family friend, interesting inspiration or person of admiration. The choice is yours!

MIT Engineers


Candace L. Royer
Associate Director of Development / Athletics
MIT Office of Individual Giving

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