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MIT Sailing
75th Anniversary Renewal Project

420's Fleet of 6 Boats

Our 420 Fleet of 6 boats serves a very important role in preparing the team for intercollegiate competitions. 420s reward flawless boat handling skills, largely because of the dramatic loss of speed incurred during tacking, so practice is essential. Of note, the 420 is a boat which is popular at Navy, Brown, Yale and Coast Guard.

A modest fleet of six 420s allows us to be prepared for regattas at these other schools and affords us an opportunity to spar with the Crimson on our 'rivah', too. Recreational sailors often use the 420s in the summer as they are vastly more stable than an FJ in very strong winds. The current fleet of 420s is due for renewal in 2009. They will be replaced every eight years and their sails will be renewed every three years.

Naming & Giving Opportunities
  • $10,000 to name one complete* 420
  • Give!
  • $33,000 to name and endow one complete* 420
  • Give!
    * includes hull, spars, mainsail, jib, and canvas cover.
    420s Racing

    Above: Both skipper and crew hike upwind in a fresh breeze.

    Right: The fleet of 420s at New York Maritime.

    420s Racing
    Right: A team from Navy rolling the 420 into a tack. 420 Roll Tack




    This fleet made possible by: Your Name Here!

    Full boat donations or Fleet gifts will proudly display a plaque inside the cockpit area for all users to appreciate your generosity.

    All donors or groups of donors are invited to name their boat as well. Historically, names have been chosen to honor a coach, family friend, interesting inspiration or person of admiration. The choice is yours!

    MIT Engineers


    Candace L. Royer
    Associate Director of Development / Athletics
    MIT Office of Individual Giving

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