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MIT Sailing
75th Anniversary Renewal Project

CATBOAT Fleet of 6 Boats

Cape Cod Catboats descended from traditional work boats with wonderful characteristics such as handsome silhouettes, ease of handling and sea-worthiness even in extreme weather. Equipping this fleet with motors will allow them to be used for occasional day and overnight trips to the Boston Harbor Islands, and adding running lights will make them ideal vessels for our popular moonlight sailing events, held at the pavilion every full moon.


The catboat's enormous cockpit suits the needs of our recreational sailors who wish to take non-sailing friends out on the Charles River. Today's catboats retain the charm but spare the maintenance issues entailed by older wooden boats. They are constructed in fiberglass with wood trim, and are outfitted with a carbon mast and gaff instead of wood spars. The first prototype boat built to our specs with a self bailing cockpit will arrive in early summer 2009 for our sailors to try out.

Naming & Giving Opportunities
  • $35,000 to name one complete 16' Catboat
  • Give!
  • $72,000 to name and endow one complete 16' Catboat
  • Give!
    Includes hull, spars, and sails.
    Catboat 14
    We are seeking to purchase six 16' catboats with a cockpit size of 6' by 10' (right). They will have a hinging tabernacle mast, outboard width bracket, and running lights (to improve our unique moonlight sailing tradition). Catboat 16




    This fleet made possible by: Your Name Here!

    Full boat donations or Fleet gifts will proudly display a plaque inside the cockpit area for all users to appreciate your generosity.

    All donors or groups of donors are invited to name their boat as well. Historically, names have been chosen to honor a coach, family friend, interesting inspiration or person of admiration. The choice is yours!

    MIT Engineers


    Candace L. Royer
    Associate Director of Development / Athletics
    MIT Office of Individual Giving

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