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MIT Sailing
75th Anniversary Renewal Project

Naming Opportunities

Donors and groups of donors who purchase one section or more of the New Floating Dock System will be honored by having their names permanently displayed on each section as well as on a plaque inside the sailing pavilion lobby.

Your name here

The 75th Anniversary Fleet will be adorned with boat names as chosen by donors or group of donors. It might be whimsical, traditional, inspirational, or honor a person of great significance in your life. Your boat's name will be on each transom and a special recognition of your generosity will be permanently affixed inside each cockpit.

Naming Opportunities
The Entire New Dock System$1.6M
A 20 x 40 Section of New Dock$92k
10 sections
A 20 x 20 Section of New Dock$46k
15 sections
The 6th generation Tech Dinghy Fleet$345k
The Firefly Fleet$200k
A 16' Catboatto purchase$35k
5 names availableto endow$72k
A K6 Sportboatto purchase$30k
2 names availableto endow$75k
A 6th gen. Tech Dinghyto purchase$11.5k
30 names availableto endow$40k
A Fireflyto purchase$10k
20 names availableto endow$47k
An FJ Race Boatto purchase$10k
18 names availableto endow$47K

The alumni sailors of MIT have traditionally honored their enjoyable memories of sailing on the Charles River by supporting the many fleets of boats which have set sail from these docks.

Today's and tomorrow's students will greatly appreciate your generosity in providing a wonderful opportunity for them to learn a dynamic skill that will last a lifetime.




This fleet made possible by: Your Name Here!

Full boat donations or Fleet gifts will proudly display a plaque inside the cockpit area for all users to appreciate your generosity.

All donors or groups of donors are invited to name their boat as well. Historically, names have been chosen to honor a coach, family friend, interesting inspiration or person of admiration. The choice is yours!

MIT Engineers


Candace L. Royer
Associate Director of Development / Athletics
MIT Office of Individual Giving

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Updated: 2021/06/07 11:29:34