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Charles River Open Team Race

Sat 10-Jun-202308:00-18:00
Sun 11-Jun-202308:00-18:00
Registration Start: 05-May-2023 at 00:00
Registration End:10-June-2023 at midnight

Sailing Instructions

Charles River Open Team Race 2023


1.      RULES


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of World Sailing and their Appendix D, the US Sailing Prescriptions, and the class rules of the intercollegiate dinghy class as described in the ICSA Procedural Rules for Intercollegiate Competition.

1.2 If there is a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions shall take precedence.

1.3 USCG-approved Type III PFDs shall be worn at all times while on the water except while actively adding or removing clothing.

Competitors shall supply their own PFDs. PFDs shall be worn outside of all clothing except for team identification bibs.

1.4 Boats are prohibited from protesting under Sailing Instruction (SI) 1.3. This changes RRS 60.1(a).

1.5 It is not the intention of the organizers to umpire any races.

1.6 The time for the hearing of requests for redress shall be posted on the Official Notice Board (see SI 2 below). This constitutes notification as required by the US Sailing Prescription to RRS 63.2.

1.7 After the initial seeding races (Stage 1) have been completed, overall regatta placement and the final tie-break for teams will be determined by points as described in SI Addendum. This changes RRS D4.

1.8 A team’s seeding or grouping shall not be a subject for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).





Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located to the west of the lobby of the MIT Sailing Pavilion.




3.1 Changes to the Sailing Instructions may be made orally.

3.2 Changes to the Sailing Instructions made ashore will be posted before they will take effect. 

3.3 Changes to the Sailing Instructions made on the water will be announced by the Race Committee.

3.4 A change in the time for the first warning on Sunday will be announced and posted no later than one hour after the finish of the final race on Saturday.




4.1 FJ-type boats and 420-type boats will be provided by MIT. Standing rigging may be adjusted. Claims regarding the performance of the boats will not be grounds for granting redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

4.2 Redress will not be granted for knots becoming untied or the loss of pins or rings. The exceptions to this are a halyard knot at the top of a sail if neither the competitor nor the competitor’s team rigged the boat, or a pin, knot, or fitting supplied taped by the OA. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

4.3 The following limitations shall apply:

4.3(a) Boats shall be sailed with the rigging and fittings as supplied, although tension may be adjusted on halyards and sidestays. Replacement of broken or damaged gear may only be made with gear sanctioned by the OA.

Only electrical or rigging tape may be used to help prevent gear from snagging. Duct tape shall not be used for this purpose.

4.3(b) Every effort shall be made to avoid damage to hulls, rigging, and sails. All boats shall be required to provide a $50 damage deposit paid through the MIT Sailing website prior to the start of the regatta. This deposit does not limit the liability of a competitor. In addition to paying for damage to the provided boats, the damage deposit(s) may be used to pay for the repair of damage to boats or equipment caused by other competitors.

4.3(c) In the event that the damage deposit is partially or wholly used, the team will be required to replenish the deposit in order to continue racing.




5.1 A competitors’ briefing will be held on Saturday at 09:00.

5.2 First warning each day will be at 09:30.

5.3 No warning on Sunday after 16:00.




6.1 The goal of this event is to provide as many races as possible between evenly matched teams.

6.2 The regatta format and number of races will be determined by the Race Committee, based on the number of teams and the expected weather conditions. The regatta format may be changed on the water; see SI 3.

6.3 The regatta will be scored according to the attached Addendum.

6.4 The planned format is to have sets of races (Flights) where teams are assigned to a Group sailing FJs, or a Group sailing 420s, or granted a Bye. Each Group will sail a full or partial Round-Robin of races. The Groups for the first two Flights will be determined randomly.

The Groups for subsequent Flights will be created by taking into account win-loss records, race points (see SI Addendum), which teams any given team has sailed against, whether the team is assigned a Bye, and the most recent grouping.

6.5 Time permitting, there may be a Final Round or a Final Four.

6.6. Scores from partially completed Rounds may count to determine placement in the finals or final order of finish in the regatta. This changes RRS D4.3(b).

6.7 There shall be no requests for redress arising from the regatta format, rotation or seeding. This changes RRS 62.1.

6.8 Scores from every completed Flight shall be carried forward until a Final Four is determined. 



The racing area will be the lower basin of the Charles River.



8.1 The course will be a digital N, or as announced by the Race Committee Signal Boat.

8.2 The Race Committee may change a leg of the course that begins at a rounding mark by changing the position of the next mark or the finishing line, but no mark shall be moved when any boat is on the leg which it terminates.

Subsequent legs may be changed to maintain the course configuration. At any reasonable time, the finish line may be adjusted to keep it square.

8.3 There will be no visual or audible signals for a course change; this changes RRS 33.

8.4 Courses shall not be shortened; this changes RRS 32 and Race Signals ‘S’.

8.5 Digital N Course: See figure on the Official Notice Board.




The rounding, starting, and finishing marks will be orange, white, yellow, red, green, or pink spheres.




10.1 The start and finish lines will be between the staff from which a flag is displayed on a Race Committee boat and the course side of the nearby mark.

10.2 The start shall be a 2-minute rolling start with the first warning approximately 1 minute before the 2-minute signal and warnings for subsequent races being the 30-second signal of the previous start, unless there is a postponement or abandonment. This changes RRS 26.

10.3 The race number, the sail colors, the type of boat, or the team names of the teams in the starting queue may be hailed from the Race Committee Signal Boat.

10.4 A boat starting or returning to start more than one minute after her starting signal will be scored “DNS” without a hearing.

This changes RRS 63.1 and D3.1.




11.1 Races may be abandoned at any time. This changes RRS 32.1. Abandonment will be signaled by oral instruction and multiple whistle or horn blasts.  Abandoned races may be re-sailed. If the race is re-sailed a new warning signal for the abandoned race will be made as soon as practical.

11.2 Courses shall not be shortened. This changes RRS 32.1.




12.1 The X Flag may be used. If it is displayed, it will remain displayed until all OCS boats are completely on the pre-course side of the starting line or its extensions, or for one minute, whichever occurs first.

12.2 An attempt will be made to hail all OCS boats. This shall not be subject of a request for redress. This changes RRS 62.1.




There will be no time limit for any race.




14.1 The Finish Boat and the parties to the protest must be notified of intent to protest at the end of the race.

14.2 Protest forms will be available from the Scorer’s Office or the Front Desk.

14.3 Protests shall be heard within 10 minutes after all parties have returned to the dock after the Flight in which the protest occurred. This modifies RRS 61.2 and RRS 63.2. A Flight is defined as one or more round-robin sets of races among the Groups sailing at that time.

14.4 The “three-minute justice” system will be used. This changes RRS 63.2 regarding time for preparation for the hearing, and RRS 63.6 regarding witnesses.

14.5 Failure of the parties to be present shall not be reason to reopen the hearing.

14.6 “Three-minute justice” with very expedited hearings will be explained at the competitors’ briefing on Saturday.

14.7 All valid protests arising from hull contact shall result in disqualifications, unless one or more of the boats has taken a penalty or received exoneration. This modifies RRS 64.

14.8 The Scorers shall be informed of protest results as soon as the decision is rendered.


15. Redress


15.1 Requests for Redress arising from a race shall be reported to the Finish Boat. All other Requests for Redress shall be reported to the Scorer’s Office on the form provided.

15.2 Requests for Redress shall be heard by a committee appointed by the Race Committee.

15.3 The time limit for Requests for Redress shall be 15 minutes after the finish of the party’s last race in the Flight in which the incident occurred or 15 minutes after the incident, whichever is later.

15.4 Notification of hearings of Requests for Redress will be posted on the Official Notice Board as soon as is reasonably possible. This constitutes notification to the parties.


16. Minimum Crew Weight


16.1 It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that it is not sailing under-weight. To that end the Official Scale shall be available to competitors throughout the event.

16.2 Competitors shall weigh in wearing only a light shirt, shorts, and light dry socks. They shall not wear shoes, helmets, or hats.

Competitors are allowed to weigh in barefoot.

16.3 Combined weight of the entire six-person team shall not be less than 870 pounds. Teams shall carry corrector weight to bring the combined weight up to the minimum. Corrector weight shall be one pound of corrector for each pound of weight less than their team’s minimum.

16.4 Providing corrector weights shall be the sole responsibility of the competitors. Only water in sealed jugs shall be acceptable.

Competitors shall carry the corrector weights in every race, from boat to boat, and shall secure them in the cockpit of each boat with tie-off lines they supply themselves. Tie-off lines may be on sale from MIT at the price of $5 per foot.

16.5 Teams shall be subject to weigh-ins and re-weighs at any time during the regatta. The weigh-ins shall be at the discretion of the OA and RC. Teams requested to weigh in shall report immediately and directly to the weigh-in area, in the clothing used to sail their last race. The weigh-in procedure and clothing for weigh-ins shall be the same as outlined in SI 16.2. Teams not reporting immediately to the weigh-in area, or teams attempting to circumvent the weigh-in procedure by ingesting food or drink, changing or adding clothing, or by any other means of attempting to change their weight, shall forfeit any wins from the last Round of races in which they competed.

16.6 Underweight teams shall be given losses in all races in their previous Flight of races. In the event that there are two teams who have been given losses under this SI in the same race there shall be no win given for that race for any reason.

16.7 Team weights shall not be subject to a competitor protest. This changes RRS 60.1.


17. Decorum


17.1 All competitors shall respect and acknowledge the other MIT sailing patrons, regatta volunteers, and fellow users of the river.

17.2 All competitors agree to follow the instructions and directions of the MIT Sailing Pavilion staff, the MITNA volunteers, and other event organizers.

17.3 Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.

17.4 The MIT Sailing Pavilion is open to recreational sailing throughout this event. Competitors shall be aware of and respect recreational sailors.


18. Safety

In accordance with RRS 4, the responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.

The responsibility for the safety of the boat and each competitor lies solely with each individual and not with the MIT Sailing Pavilion or any of its staff or volunteers.







               CRTR Scoring and Seeding Addendum 2023

It is the intention to seed the regatta by win-loss record and to score the regatta by race-win points.


               Stage 1

1. One or more sets of races (Flights) will be run with each team assigned to either an FJ Group, a 420 Group, or a Bye.

2. Within each Flight, all teams in each Group shall sail a full or partial round-robin set of races in their assigned boats against the other teams in their assigned group.

3. The set of teams in each Group will be re-assigned for each Flight.

4. Race wins from Stage 1 shall be worth 1.5 points.


               Stage 2

1. (Subsequent Flights) Teams shall sail round-robin sets of races in their assigned boats, in their assigned Groups.

1(a). The number of Flights in this stage may be adjusted up or down. The decision to change the number of Flights will take into consideration a variety of factors that may include weather, wind, and time.

1(b). Teams will be notified as to which Stage and Flight is currently being sailed by a note on the sheet detailing the rotation for the Flight posted on the Official Notice Board.


2. Teams will be split into two Groups, A and B, for each Flight, or have a scheduled Bye. Groupings for boat assignments will be by primarily by win-loss records, taking into consideration the number of times that teams have met, race win points, scored finish points, and the prior Groups of boats sailed.


3. Teams will have a Bye scheduled for certain Flights based on:

3(a). Their position at the end of Stage 1.


4. Race wins in Flights with 6-team Groups shall be worth:

4(a). 2.0 points for Group A races.

4(b). 1.0 point for Group B races.


5. Race wins in Flights with 5-team Groups shall be worth:

5(a). 2.0 points for races among teams seeded in the top third (as of the most recent re-seeding).

5(b). 1.5 points for races among teams seeded in the middle third.

5(c). 1.0 points for races among teams seeded in the bottom third.


6. Race wins in Flights with 4-team Groups shall be worth:

6(a). 2.0 points for races among teams seeded in the top four (as of the most recent re-seeding).

6(b). 1.5 points for races among teams not seeded in the top or bottom four..

6(c). 1.0 points for races among teams seeded in the bottom four.


               Stage 3

1. Teams will be ranked in order of adjusted race points. Adjusted race points are proportionally weighted race points to account for differences in the number of races sailed. Tie-breaks will include overall win-loss record, best record in races between tied teams, and average points scored per race (across all races).

2. If time permits, teams ranked fifth through last will sail in one additional Flight of races. Group A wins shall be worth 1.5 points. Group B wins shall be worth 1.0 points. Final ranking, including results from this Flight, will re-order them from fifth through last.

3. If time permits, the four highest-ranked teams will sail either a full round-robin or Semi-Final and Final Elimination Rounds (first to two wins at each level).

4. The top four teams racing in this Stage shall be ranked 1-4 for the regatta based on their results in this Stage.

5. For the top four teams, race-win points from previous Flights will not be carried over except for use as a final tie-break.

6. In the event of a tie remaining between two or more teams in this Stage after any tie-breakers from RRS D4.4 have been applied, the overall ranking of each team at the end of Stage 2 shall be used as a tie-break.

7. Any remaining ties shall not be broken.


Notice of Change to Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instruction 5.3 is changed to the following:

5.3 No warning on Sunday after 17:00.



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): STEWART CRAIG, Zach Shapiro

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