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Charles River Open Team Race

Sat 10-Jun-202308:00-18:00
Sun 11-Jun-202308:00-18:00
Registration Start: 05-May-2023 at 00:00
Registration End:10-June-2023 at midnight

Notice of Race

2023 Charles River Team Race sponsored by MIT Nautical Association.

 Rules: The Racing Rules of Sailing and their Appendix D, rules of the MIT Sailing Pavilion and of MIT DAPER, including MIT Covid precautions, shall govern the races.

         Protests will be adjudicated by “3 Minute Justice” this modifies RRS 63.

                  This will be fully explained in the SI’s and at the competitor’s briefing.

         It is not the intention of the organizers to umpire the racing.

         However, at the OA discretion, they may select racers, staff, or other individuals with suitable experience to step in as umpires for the semi-final and final flights. 

Racing shall be in sailboats (420s and FJs) supplied by MIT Sailing and/or Partner boathouses.

Registration will be completed online using the link on the MIT Sailing website.  Registrations shall not be final until payment is received.

         Registration opens May 5th at noon.

         Registrations will be taken in the order of receipt until the event is fully subscribed.

                There shall be no attempt to seed the registration.

         Final registration and weigh-ins shall be at 08:30 on June 10th.

         Competitor’s briefing will be held at 09:00 on June 10th.

         First start will be at 09:30 on June 10th.

         First warning on June 11th will be 09:30.

         Although there is no time limit on either day, conditions permitting, it is the intention not to run round robins after 15:00 on June 11th.

         As per MIT DAPER regulations all competitors shall wear PFDs approved by their national authority while on the water. 

         All teams shall weigh at least 870 lbs.

         Competitors shall weigh in in light sailing attire, shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers, not with PFDs. 

         At the discretion of the OA and RC teams are subject to re-weighs at any time.

         Competitors shall not protest under this instruction.

         All boats shall bring at least one 1 gallon jug to be used for ballast.

         MIT shall not supply ballast containers.

         Only water shall be used as ballast.

General entry fee shall be $125.00 per boat ($375.00). Entry fee for MIT/NU teams shall be $100.00 per boat ($300.00)

There shall be a damage deposit of $150.00 per team. 

         In the event the damage deposit is used either in whole or in part, it shall be made whole before the team is allowed to resume sailing

         MIT Sailing shall be the sole arbiters of damage.

Sailing instructions shall be available online before the commencement of racing.

The regatta shall consist of round robin(s).

The rotation will be based on a modified Swiss league.

The regatta will not be scored solely based on a team’s record.



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): STEWART CRAIG, Zach Shapiro

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