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Chix Only Team Race 2007

Sat 28-Jul-200709:30-16:00
Registration End:20-July-2007 at midnight


Third time is the charm for Farmers and Hoes

The 3rd Chix Only Team Race was held on Saturday at the MIT Sailing
Pavilion. Five teams turned out to race on the Charles River in
supplied FJs. 2.5 rounds were completed in 3-8 knots before the
weather chased competitors back to the dock later in the afternoon.

In one of the most exciting races of the day, Team Renob (Kirsten
Barton/Amanda Calkins, Erin Riley/Liz Colburn, Emily Whipple/Megan
Lucy) looked poised to threaten the Farmers and Hoes undefeated
recorded, rounding the leeward mark in a 1-2-5 combination. With a
series of quick tacks and interesting shifts out on the left side,
Callahan/Ginley were able duck, tack, and pin Barton/Calkins out to
the left side. In the middle of the course Nadler/Rubin were able to
get control of Riley/Colburn, allowing O'Malley/May to sneak through
the finish line just in time.

The day was cut short at 3:30 because of the lightning spotted beyond
the Citgo sign, and as soon as everyone hit the dock it started to
down pour. Out of the rain, Joel and Amanda led a debrief that was
hopefully helpful for all, while the burgers and dogs cooked on the
grill and competitors enjoyed frosty beverages.

Huge thanks to volunteers Colin Merrick, Joel Hanneman, and Reid Van
Gorder for running races, taking photos, doing debriefs, and cooking
burgers in the rain.


Farmers and Hoes [8-0]
Amanda Callahan/Meredith Ginley
Mora O'Malley/Kate May
Augusta Nadler/Alexis Rubin

Team Ramrod [6-2]
Amy Lash/Jilliam Sherlock
Lyndsey Nahmais/Sarah Angel
Emily Babbit/Caitlin Hill

Team Renob [4-4]
Kirsten Barton/Amanda Calkins
Erin Riley/Liz Colburn
Emily Whipple/Meghan Lucy

Catamount Pirates [1-7]*
Kimberly Murtha/Caitlin Connolly
Alexa Schuler/Jessica Stanley
Patricia McGarry/Alex Black

Furiose High Speed Chix [1-7]*
Emmanouela Filippidi/Emanuela Giacometti
Jane Fogg/Pamela Hodges
Morgan Beals/Katherine Spahr

* tie break in 3rd round

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Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Amanda Callahan

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