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Mashnee to Salem

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Mashnee: Maine to Salem, Ma

August 7th - August 10th


Mashnee will be wrapping up her 2018 racing campaign Maine and will be delivered to Salem, Massachusetts, where she will compete in the Corinthian Classic on August 11th-12th. This trip will be roughly 165 nautical mile stretched across 3 days. This event will be an opportunity to take your skills to the next level. We will discuss weather, navigation, safety for long distance sailing, basics for provisioning, and trip planning. This trip will happen rain or shine, but will be adjusted if the winds and sea state provide unsafe conditions.

Crew Selection - I will be selecting 3- 5 crew members with active sailing cards by June 15th. Priority will be given to sailing team members.This will not be a trip for beginners and candidates must have suitable experience, such as a bluewater crew rating or comparable skills. Mashnee only has 4 berths, so please come prepared to sleep outside under a boom tent. We will rotate this if needed to make it as fair as possible. Please do not sign up for this event unless you can fully commit to the delivery. Your full commitment is needed to assure the program stays on track. To be considered, you must register here and also complete this questionnaire.

Transportation - Crew members will be responsible for arriving in Rockland or Camden by the evening of August 7th. It is absolutely crucial you arrive on the 7th as we will be departing very early on August 8th. Please assure you have a transportation plan prior to signing up. Option for transportation include:


  1. Get dropped off

  2. Take a bus. The schedule to and from South Station can be viewed here. If you plan to take the bus, you must arrive on August 7th.

I would strongly suggest coming up on August 7th via the bus. That eliminates any possibility of being late and solves many logistical issues.

Food & Provisions - We will be eating both on and off the boat. Please plan on 2 breakfasts aboard, 3 lunches aboard, and 3 dinners ashore. We will also provision for snacks. Provisioning will happen in Maine on August 7th. This task will be delegated to a crew member. No glass will be allowed aboard.

Costs - All shared costs will be split among the group. This will include: mooring / dock fees, fuel, and provisioning. Crew will be expected to pay their own transportation costs, launch fees, taxis and shore meals. $200 per person is a good starting point for planning purposes.

Personal Items - Crew will be expected to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, appropriate clothing for Maine’s hot days and cool nights, non marking & dedicated boat shoes, towel , personal toiletries, headlamp, water bottle, and gloves ( strongly suggested). All items should fit into one soft duffle bag as storage is very limited (It’s okay if your sleeping bag does not fit!). Hard luggage will not be allowed aboard. Safety gear and foul weather gear will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own foul weather gear or USCG approved PFD. MIT Bluewater does not have foul weather boots.

Clothing will be especially important for this event since we may be subjected to foul weather along the way. Crew should have adequate layers to accommodate weather ranging from hot and sunny to wet and cold. Synthetic fabrics are ideal and cotton should be avoided.

Sea Sickness - Please take a moment and think about your susceptibility to sea sickness. If you know you are highly susceptible and have difficulty managing it, please consider not signing up for this trip. If you have experienced sea sickness in the past, but respond well to over the counter or prescription medications, please have them on hand. An incapacitated crew member increases the chances for an accident aboard.

Tuesday, August 7th -  Arrival of crew members in the afternoon. Provisions will be acquired and loaded onto Mashnee. Topping off on fuel / water and pump out if needed. Weather forecast will be reviewed and a plan will be formed for the next 24 hours. Dinner will be ashore.

Wednesday, August 8th - Early departure to Portland. Roughly a 65 nm sail, that will incorporate some motoring through Muscle Ridge Channel. Mooring reserved at Portland Yacht Club.  Boothbay Harbor would provide a good second option should we need to tuck in early.

Thursday, August 9th - Early departure from Portland with an anticipated 50 nm sail. Our anticipated overnight location is currently TBD, but will be in New Hampshire.

Friday, August 10th - Early morning departure to Salem, Ma. About a 50 nm sail. Upon securing Mashnee in Salem, we will depart back to Boston. Options for returning to Boston are:

  • Uber

  • Commuter Line

  • Pick up / Carpool

There may be an option for staying aboard on August 10th if you are participating in the Corinthian Classic.





Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): RYAN CONWAY

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