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Crossing the Charles

Sat 07-May-201613:00-15:00



Crossing the Charles is going to be a monumental celebration culminating with a parade across the river at 130-230 on Saturday May 7. Please consider joining in on the fun with a friend in a tech dinghy, FJ, Firefly, 420, catboat, or the foiling moth. Each fleet will have a designated 'admiral' to choreograph some moves as the groups advance from Boston to Cambridge.  Boat sign-ups are available at the links below starting Friday April 15th. It will be a ton of fun and you will want to be a part of seeing every single MIT sailboat on the water simultaneously.

Tech Dinghy Registration

Firefly Registration

Lynx Catboat Registration

420 Dinghy Registration



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46
Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46