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The Second MIT Championship for the Sir Ian McFarlane Trophy &
15th Annual Brass Rat Regatta

6-7 October 2007
MIT Sailing Pavilion

Sir Ian Trophy Winners
The Champions of the Brass Rat 07 Regatta

The regatta began late until the wind settled in. The afternoon of Saturday we experienced great conditions, with eight races sailed for the Sir Ian McFarlane Championship. The winds came from the North, featuring the well known all-over-the-place directions, making the life for the RC a little hard.

Sunday began with heavy Easterly winds (gusting around 15 knots), waking everyone up soon... the wind then died down as it shifted to the sound. Seven more races took place on Sunday

Congratulations to the winners of this year's events.

Sir Ian McFarlane Champions

  • Undergradute:
  • Sebastian Sovero
  • Graduate:
  • Bartholomew Canton
  • Women:
  • Emma Bassein
  • Alum:
  • James Modisette

    Brass Rat 2007

  • Overall:
  • James Modisette
  • Women:
  • Kirsten Barton

    Also thank you to the Race Committee and Organizers: Bill Critch '77 (RC), Ellen Pratt, Sue Ostrowski '88, and Eric Gibber '87. And to the Pavilion Staff.

    Lastly, thank you to Sir Ian McFarlane '50 for his amazing support of the Pavilion and this event.

    Questions about this event? Please contact the event organizer(s):

  • , Fran Charles

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