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Canceled: Mashnee Thursday Evening Harbor Sail

Thu 29-Sep-202217:30-20:30
Registration Start: 21-September-2022 at 00:00
Registration End:29-September-2022 at midnight


***Canceled due to mechanical issues***


We will sail in and around Boston Harbor on Thursday evening, leaving from Waterboat Marina (directions here). We will meet at the marina at 5:30 PM and we will plan to be back at the marina by 9:30 PM. This will be a good opportunity for those who haven't sailed aboard Mashnee to get acquainted with bluewater sailing. We will be selecting 6 from those who sign up and have current sailing cards. If you have not yet read the Bluewater Sailing FAQ, please do so now.

We will meet at the table in front of the Marina office. If you have a small flashlight or headlamp please bring it to keep on your person during the evening. The headlamp will help since it will be dark during the cleanup phase. Sailing gloves are helpful but not required.

Lastly, please plan on bringing something to eat and drink. There is no drinkable water aboard Mashnee.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): SCOTT DYNES

Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46
Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46