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MITNA Exec Meeting

Thu 13-Mar-200317:30-19:30


Present: Anna Custo, Win Burleson, Samantha Scolamiero, Dwight Brown, Tim Shepard, Melitta King

Notes by Patrick Lam


Patrick has been updating the sailing website. We have have a new URL:

About the website:

  • Dwight requested a dark background for improved visibility
  • Verify date of 1st lesson, for both Wednesday and Sunday classes.
  • Aleida: Win mentioned that a link to the directions should be right at the top.
  • General request for pictures. Send them to Patrick!
  • Some of the General Information should be directly accessible from the menu bar.


Sandy Washburn, who works with the Alumni office, is a competent sailor. Melitta will contact him and see if he's interested in taking Aleida for a daysail.


Melitta will send out a questionnaire seeking improvements to the learn-to-sail curriculum to the exec. She will also update the handout about the Pavilion given out at the classes.

Tim requested an Instructor Skills workshop (e.g. teaching how to rescue boats). Melitta will organize this workshop, to be held when instructors are available.

T-shirts: Clarifying the point in the minutes for the last meeting, we'd like a T-shirt to give to volunteers. Win requests a shirt that is not red. (White or grey would be fine). Melitta will work on this.

R19 classes: We will ask Eric, Sue and Ellen to give these classes towards the later half of the season.

Thank-you Letters for Donors:

Addresses have been obtained. At the next meeting, we will all write out little thank-you cards to send to the donors.

Sailing Booklet

Patrick will continue efforts to put the Sailing Booklet on the sailing website.

Our homework is to all read the booklet before the next meeting and comment on it; e.g. how might it be re-organized?


Melitta is continuing to work on club sport recognition.


Samantha will mail Fran to get more information about haul, so that we can get people out to work Aleida during haul.

Next meeting

Thursday, April 3, 2003.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46