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2nd Annual Sailing Challenge

Fri 17-May-201316:00-20:00


How many people can you fit onto a Tech Dinghy?  Assemble a team and bring them down to sail across the Charles and back!



22 sailors, unmodified Tech Dinghy -Historical Record from 1990's

28 sailors, modified Tech Dinghy -Next House Sailing Team '12

Youtube video of the winning team from last year!


Add yourself to the list:


Teams must organize & email the event at by May 16

  • Entry fees due by May 16 ($5/ team member)
  • Teams shall compete Friday May 17

WELCOME TO THE SECOND ANNUAL MIT SAILING CHALLENGE! Sponsored by the MIT Sailing Pavilion, webpage hosted by the MIT Group MACE. There is a legendary tale of a group of hardened sailors from MIT who braved the waves of the Charles in a tech dinghy not so long ago.... The sailors had to transport themselves over the waters to the Boston side and back for some forgotten purpose, the difficulty was that there were 22 of them! This record has stood for over 20 years, I challenge you to beat it. Rules: || You will organize a team with your friends and hall mates, and compete in a biathlon event involving cramped sailing and eating burgers(vegetarian options available) against other boats that will be judged on the following categories. -- Number of burgers consumed -- Number of sailors in a boat(bonus for beating the current record of 22) -- Total summed weight of sailors -- Successfully sailing across the Charles and back -- Creativity(aka "cheating" is heavily encouraged) or other impressive feats of engineering/ingenuity that serve to entertain,impress, or otherwise increase the fun. suggestions include making your own flags and dressing up like 16th century explorers. || All points will be awarded at the discretion of appointed judges. you will be disqualified for any of these offenses -damaging yourself, others, or your boat. permanently modifying yourself, others, or your boat Time-date-requirements: The challenge consists of a five minute burger eating session in which teams will eat as many burgers as they can to get points, immediately followed by an attempt to cross the Charles in a tech dinghy. To pay for burgers, each participant will be required to pay 5 Dollars which will need to be turned in by teams by May 15th. The event will take place on Friday May 17th from 1:30pm until 8pm at the MIT sailing pavillion. (teams do not need to be present for the duration) Each team will need to organize themselves by May 10th and must email the challenge by then. Team members must register with the MIT sailing Pavillion at to give proof of swimming ability. If you want everlasting glory, need to get a little sun and surf, or just want to sink a boat with your friends sign up to compete in this daring challenge! interested? email with your team information and add yourself to the list to receive emails.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): HERBERT MEHNERT STADELER

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46