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Introduction to Windsurfing

Fri 22-Sep-202316:00-18:45
Registration Start: 20-September-2023 at 00:00
Registration End:22-September-2023 at midnight



Class overview:

We will cover the following:

  • Windsurfing at MIT, safety, and where to find windsurfing equipment
  • Windsurfing rigging and derigging
  • Windsurfing demo and theory of how everything works
  • Windsurfing practice time (ps as a beginner you will most likely fall in the water)

The class will start with the rigging process and a general board handling demo. We will try to give students as much board time on the water as possible. However, since we have four boards available for the class, we will take turns out on the water. You will get wet! 


  • You must have at least a swim rating and have taken a Learn-to-Sail class or an Intro for Experience Sailors class in order to register.

  • You must have an active sailing card, we check for active gym memberships before printing cards.

  • You must be able to swim — no exceptions. You should be able to meet the standard MITNA swimming requirement, but do not need to present proof.

  • Pre-registration is required. Click the "Registration" link above in the red menu bar (when available) to register.


Registration for this class will open at Midnight (12:00:01 am) on the Wednesday prior.

Class size is limited to 8 participants. Registering for this event does not confirm your entry into the class. 

Click the "Registration" link above in the red menu bar (when available) to register. 

Confirmations for class spots will be first-come, first-serve based on the pre-requisites.

Steps to take before class:

  • Must see: Please review the windsurfing beginner videos. This is required as it will help you get more familiar with the basic turning maneuvers.

  • Be very comfortable getting wet: you will do a lot of swimming during this class! (bring a towel) We have a hot water shower!

  • Bring a towel to dry off between sessions (helpful when air temp is cold)

  • Water temperatures are around 70 degrees F, and air temperature will be around 80 degrees F and cloudy. Wetsuits are optional, but highly recommend synthetic leggings/long sleeves to prevent chill.

NOTE: If wind/weather conditions are not favorable, this event may get postponed.
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Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): ROBIN JAHN, ALI ALRAYES, Hannah Agate, John Alba

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46