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Thursday Night Team Racing

Thu 12-May-202218:00-20:00
Thu 19-May-202218:00-20:00
Thu 26-May-202218:00-20:00
Thu 02-Jun-202218:00-20:00
Thu 09-Jun-202218:00-20:00
Thu 16-Jun-202218:00-20:00
Thu 23-Jun-202218:00-20:00
Thu 30-Jun-202218:00-20:00
Thu 07-Jul-202218:00-20:00
Thu 14-Jul-202218:00-20:00
Thu 21-Jul-202218:00-20:00
Thu 28-Jul-202218:00-20:00
Thu 04-Aug-202218:00-20:00
Thu 11-Aug-202218:00-20:00
Thu 18-Aug-202218:00-20:00
Thu 25-Aug-202218:00-20:00
Mon 29-Aug-202218:00-19:30
Mon 12-Sep-202217:45-19:30
Mon 19-Sep-202217:45-19:30
Mon 26-Sep-202217:45-19:00


Please try to arrive a half hour before hand to rig and get ready

Use the below link for Sign Ups:

Please follow the link to view pairings:

For details about this event, see


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Zach Shapiro

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46