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MITNA Exec Meeting

Thu 24-Sep-200917:30-19:30


The Fall MITNA Exec Meeting will take place Thursday Sep 24 @ 17:30 at the MIT Sailing Pavilion. Exec meetings are generally open, but the executive committee has the right to enter executive session and ask non-officers to leave the room for private sessions. However, any MITNA member is welcome to join us for consideration of the following topics:

  1. Ratings systems overhaul
  2. Fleet updates (how are we going to teach the new fleets?)
  3. Plan for General Body Meeting
    ELECTIONS - we need to find people
    GBM Agenda - general plan
  4. Learn-to-Sail debrief
  5. Branstorm events for 2010
  6. Hatch Brown Service Award nominations

The meeting is expected to last 90-120 minutes.


  1. Ratings systems overhaul
    - basic vs advanced ratings for every boat (the words are OK) - can't sail a boat until someone has a "basic" rating... so who will teach people the "basic" part? idea is that if people don't make it to classes, we can back that up with staff if they have time, or videos in open courseware. If someone shows up and says they've seen the video, then a staff can quickly evaluate if they did learn something (and get the basic rating), or are asked to wait.
    - Melitta: need to overhaul crew. Crew test is very important, so we should keep it, but we need to review it. Show basic understanding of navigation, marine safety. Its an opportunity for education in a non-sailing environment (study when not at the Pavilion). Franny: Crew required for people to go in harbor trips?
    - Alvar: get rid of swim rating? NO, but give automatically when a card is printed.
    - Assign people to take care of making "study guides", videos, etc for each of the boat ratings
  2. Fleet updates (how are we going to teach the new fleets?)
    - Fleet update will not happen until at least Fall of 2010 (prototype of dock going in this Fall)... so MITNA will have to worry next Summer about starting to plan classes for the new fleet. The only one to worry about is the Lynx/Catboat for April 2010 (do filming this Fall 09).
  3. Plan for General Body Meeting
    ELECTIONS - we need to find people
    - Commodore: Grem?
    - Vice Commodore: Paresh
    - Treasurer: Hunter?
    - Secretary: Grem?
    - Ask Keith what he wants to do (Alvar will e-mail)
    - Ask Roberto about a position (Alvar will e-mail)
    - Ask Matt Pagan (Alvar will e-mail)
    - Ask Thomas Rose about it (Melitta will e-mail)
    GBM Agenda - general plan
    - Thurs Oct 15 (Pizza!) -
  4. Branstorm events for 2010
    - More provisional sprees!
  5. Hatch Brown Service Award nominations
    - Eric will send out the list to MITNA Exec so that we know who has not gotten one and is in our minds about it...
  6. Learn-to-Sail debrief
    - Intro to R19's were fun... but now being replaced by intro to Lynx Catboat... will be a big change next year.
    - Matt put up a guide for the Catamaran up in the Wiki.
  7. Nevermore update
    - In the mooring until October 31, that's going to be the end of the trips.
    - All trips get posted in the website, and you can also subscribe to to learn directly from the team.
    - Will work on the website to encourage people who are beginners (e.g., just took the LTS class) to participate in Nevermore.
    - The new info that is needed is about "what to do" between when they sign up and the day they show up to the boat.
    - Considering to re-instate "learn to crew weekends".
    - Trying to get away from general "work parties", because the boat is in good shape overall!
    - Probably going out of the water; needs bottom work when it comes out.
    - How do you become a skipper? Part is to do the courses (and have 360 days in the water), but is there a way for Nevermore members to do help out with people becoming skippers?
  8. Windsurfing update
    - Picking up a lot, to the point where some days more boards would have been useful.
    - All classes were oversubscribed. This year there were six classes during the season.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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