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Intermediate Sailing Session

Tue 21-May-201917:00-19:00
Registration Start: 07-May-2019 at 00:00
Registration End:21-May-2019 at midnight


Have you taken a Learn-to-sail class? Do you want to take more advanced classes (catboats, firefly, 420, laser, windsurfing) but need your provisional rating first? Sign up to work with a dock staff to learn about the rating, practice the water skills and gain the knowledge needed to pass. No check-offs/initials will be given out, but it will increase your chances of a check-off during a Provisional Check-off Session

This session is designed for sailors who have taken a Learn-to-Sail class or Intro for Experienced Sailors and would like to eventually test their skills with a dock staff for the provisional rating. This time block is an introduction to the provisional rating with time to practice single-handed sailing skills. Includes practice for on-the-water maneuvering, rigging/derigging, precautions and safety, rules of the road and knots.

Note: Check-offs/staff initials for personal provisional lists will NOT be given out during this session. This is a pre-requisite to attend the PROVISIONAL CHECK-OFF SESSION which you must sign up for separately. The option to come in on your own time to check-off for a provisional rating is still an option (weekdays only, ask a dock staff). These two sessions are designed to more fully equip you with the skills you need for the provisional and speed up the process.



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Hannah Agate

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46