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Intermediate Sailing in the Tech

Thu 23-Jun-201118:00-19:30
Thu 30-Jun-201118:00-19:30
Thu 07-Jul-201118:00-19:30
Thu 14-Jul-201118:00-19:30
Thu 21-Jul-201118:00-19:30
Thu 28-Jul-201118:00-19:30
Thu 04-Aug-201118:00-19:30
Thu 11-Aug-201118:00-19:30
Thu 18-Aug-201118:00-19:30
Thu 25-Aug-201118:00-19:30
Thu 01-Sep-201118:00-19:30
Thu 15-Sep-201117:30-19:00


Intermediate Tech Sailing

Those of you who have taken the Wednesday Series or Sunday All-in-one in the past and are ready to learn more. This class is intended for intermediate or advanced beginner sailors seeking feedback to improve and also those who are working toward their Provisional and need some more practice and advice. You should already have spent time in the boat (7-10 hours).

Valid MIT Sailing Pavilion card. ID. Come dressed for sailing: wear sneakers and clothes which can get a bit wet with Muddy Charles water. First-come first-serve, there is NO registration for the class, just show up.

This class will focus on teaching more advance sailing and maneuvering in the Tech Dinghy. It is a hands on sailing practicum, not a lecture class, so go rig a boat and let the instructors know if there are particular areas you need help with.
For example: Beating, reaching, running. This will help you with tacks, jibes and sailing up wind.
How to stop the boat/how to get out of irons. This teaches you to identify where the wind is coming from and helps you with landing and the 'man overboard'.
Proper trim of the sail. This goes along with the beating,reaching and running.
Proper trim of the boat. Same as above.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MELITTA KING

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46