PE Beginner Sailing

Wed 13-Sep-202313:00-14:30
Wed 20-Sep-202313:00-14:30
Wed 27-Sep-202313:00-14:30
Wed 04-Oct-202313:00-14:30
Wed 11-Oct-202313:00-14:30
Wed 18-Oct-202313:00-14:30


Sailing PE.0904

This 90 minute class is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of sailing with both theory and practice. Students will learn how to rig a boat, some basic sailing techniques, as well as how to tack and jibe out on the beautiful Charles River. Learn more at Students must attend the first 2 classes. Offered Q1 and Q4.

Prerequisite: Students must attend first 2 classes. 2023/24- Q1 classes Wed dates: 9/13, 20, 27, 10/4, 11, 18;  Time: 1-2:30p. Must successfully complete swim and boat test by 9/6/23. Students must complete 5 classes to pass the course.

Equipment: Filled water bottle. Synthetic, warm clothing recommended. 

Waivers Required: None

Health Forms Required: None

Course Fee: None

Points: 2

Satisfies Swim Requirement: N


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): STEWART CRAIG, MICHAEL KALIN, Matthew Lindblad, Hannah Agate

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46