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Sunday Mashnee Harbor Sail

Sun 15-Jul-201818:00-22:00
Registration Start: 26-June-2018 at 00:00
Registration End:15-July-2018 at midnight


We will be sailing Mashnee on Sunday, 15 July, 6pm – 10, meeting at the Boston Waterboat Marina.

Crew selection criteria: You are welcome to sign up regardless of experience or inexperience level. To gain a better understanding of sailing Mashnee, I would recommend eventually working on an MIT provisional rating or similar.

Note on timeliness: Please plan to arrive between 6pm and 6:05. If you arrive after 6:05, you will have to wait on the dock or outside the marina gate until 6:20, when I will come back to pick up latecomers. 6:20 is the hard deadline if you want to come sailing.

Shoes and equipment: Please bring clean shoes with non-marking* soles. Ideally, carry the shoes you plan to wear in a bag – that way the sand you walk through in Boston won't scratch beautiful Mashnee. Sailing barefoot is also an option, but beware of tripping/stubbing hazards. Temperatures on the water will be significantly cooler than on land, please dress accordingly. Bring water and a snack/dinner. Sunglasses and sunscreen can be useful, and if you have them, bring sailing gloves (or other work gloves) for handling ropes.

*Light-colored soles are generally non-marking. Some black soles might be non-marking: rub the heel firmly on a white piece of paper, and if it leaves no scuff mark your soles are probably non-marking.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): LISA SUKHAREV-CHUYAN

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