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MITNA (and BCB) go to Antarctica

Sat 15-Jan-201109:30-16:30


Ken Legg is a former commodore of MITNA and is a leading donor on our dock renewal project. He is currently on a research vessel which is part of the US Antactica Program studying radioisotopes during the balmy summer season.

Jan 15:

All goes well down here. We are now well south of the Antarctic Circle. Lots of work but it's great. Having a ball. Weather is good again. Only one day of 30+and beam seas. Interesting doing work with radioisotopes when the boat is rolling! . Overall it's been great though. Many interesting people aboard. Lots of cool science. Though you'd like to see that BCB and MITNA made it down here. Feel free to post.

We use tritium labeled leucine (an amino acid) to determine the microbial activity in the sea water samples we get. I'll have to come to the Pavilion and tell you the whole story when I get back. Thought it would be fun to bring the MITNA burgee down here. I'll get another pix when we get to our most southern point in a couple of weeks.


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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46