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Marblehead-Halifax Ocean Race

Sun 09-Jul-201708:30-23:45
Mon 10-Jul-201700:00-23:45
Tue 11-Jul-201700:00-23:45
Wed 12-Jul-201700:00-07:45
Registration Start: 16-December-2016 at 00:00
Registration End:23-June-2017 at midnight


Take your sailing skills to the next level and experience the challenges and excitement of a blue water regatta. We're looking for six sailors to crew with us as we compete in this summer's Marblehead to Halifax race (


When is this?

The race starts in Marblehead, MA on Sunday, July 9th.  We expect to arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia on or about Wednesday, July 12th.

Three days at sea?

That's right. This ain't no dinghy race in the Charles. It's three (or more) days of around-the-clock sailing, trading off watches between two groups of four people each. We'll eat, sleep, and sail -- and enjoy a breathtaking voyage on the way.

What else?

We are sailing to a foreign country, so make sure you have a passport and have the appropriate visas to enter Canada and return to the US. Also - know how susceptible you are to seasickness. Being seasick for a day or two is no fun for anyone. We provide all the foul weather gear, except for boots and gloves. Everyone provides the fun.

How do we get back?

A few options. Fly, car pool, ferry, or stay on board and continue the journey as X-Dimension heads to the Maine coast and Penobscot Bay. We will arrive in Northeast Harbor Saturday evening, and drive to Boston Sunday afternoon, a week after the start of the race.

How much sailing and racing experience do I need?

If you have basic dinghy sailing skills and are confident that you'll be comfortable for a few days at sea, the two skippers will help you with the rest. We'll have some training sessions aboard X-Dimension in the weeks running up to the regatta.

Could we win?

We've put a lot of work into X-Dimension over the past two years, including a complete refinishing of the hull (which makes it nice and smooth). And it's a handicapped race (PHRF), which means that big new fast boats get time added to their actual time. Winning is entirely possible. Our goal is to sail a good race. :ast year we cane in third; we hope to do better this year.


If you are serious about wanting to go (or to learn about being safe at sea) you should consider attending the Saturday seminar and one of the Sunday sessions at the Safety at Sea course being offered in March 2017: Sorry, but attending does not guarantee you a spot, but it does guarantee you'll be a more knowledgable sailor.




Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): SCOTT DYNES, Hanna Vincent

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