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MITNA Meeting

Mon 21-Jun-201018:00-20:30


Come show your support for the MIT Sailing program this Monday, June 21st.  We'll be sailing, grilling hot dogs, and meeting in the pavilion to announce program news.  (Dock Expansion Progress, New Videos, New Ratings, Harbor Trips, Sailing Classes, Sailing Team, 4th of July, Nevermore, Windsurfing, Moonlight Sailing, Website, Racing, and probably more!)

6pm - 7:45: Sailing/Grilling a the dock
7:45 - 8:15 MITNA News in the Pavilion classroom
8:15 - onward: After party at the Muddy


Dock Expansion: 1.6M needed to begin project.  ~800k raised to date.

Videos: Tech, Catboat posted at  Contact: Stephanie Muto

New Ratings: Still contentious.  Simplifications workshoped and posted at

Harbor Trips: Harbor trips ready to go.  Will be scheduled immanently.

Sailing Classes: Going well.  Always looking for more volunteers.  Come Wed at 5:15pm or anytime Sunday between 9am and 2pm/

Sailing Team: Toan was named sailor of the week.  Great up-and-coming team.

4th of July: Bring your firends!  Get there early.  Doors to close around 6-7pm this year.

Nevermore: Will be ready this weekend.  ~10 races this summer.  Sign-up via the event calendar.

Windsurfing: Regular classes will be posted immanently.  Program growing nicely.

Moonlight: Increased MITNA presence is need at moonlight sails.  JT doesn't think they are fun :)

Website/Twitter: @MITSailing is now on twitter!  Follow us @MITSailing

Racing: Tuesday (advanced) group strong.  Thursday (intermediate) group at about 13-15 boats and growing.

Membership: Hits all time high of 1696.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46