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Figawi Delivery

Wed 22-May-201908:00-23:45
Thu 23-May-201900:00-23:45
Fri 24-May-201900:00-23:45
Registration Start: 30-April-2019 at 00:00
Registration End:20-May-2019 at midnight


We will be delivering Mashnee from Boston to Hyannis via the cape cod canal. The plan is to depart Boston on Wednesday due to dockage constraints at Hyannis, arriving Thursday. Depending on conditions, sailing may be possible Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. MIT will cover mooring/dockage fees, and other expenses will be split among the participants. Participants not participating in the race are responsible for their own travel arrangements back to Boston, but we can try to help facilitate. 


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): DAVID LARSON

Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46
Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46