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The Crew Rating [.pdf]

The purpose of this check-off sheet is to allow you to expand your knowledge beyond the basics of sailing a tech on the Charles. You are not required to go through this check-off, but if you leave the Pavilion to sail elsewhere, and you don't know this material, don't embarrass us by telling everyone that you are an MIT sailor. The crew rating (and the Helmsman) are prerequisites to obtaining full use of the more advanced boats. Information is available in the Pavilion's Instruction Manual.

Additional Knots (pp. 25--26)

  • Square
  • Sheet Bend
  • Fisherman's Knot
  • Double Half Hitch
  • Anchor Bend
  • Rolling Hitch

Whipping (pp. 22--23)

  • Plain
  • Sewn

Splices (pp. 23--24)

  • Eye
  • Short


  • Anchors (Types, Parts & Uses) (pp. 17--21)
  • Parts of Hull and Sail (pp. 5--6)
  • Fittings (Cleats, Lines, Blocks, Lights) (p. 19)
  • Rig Types (identify six) (p. 27)
  • Coil and Heave a Line (p. 27)
  • Sailing Terms (pp. 16--17)

Updated: 2014/05/02 14:23:53
Updated: 2014/05/02 14:23:53