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2008 Learn-to-Race Wood Trophy

Mon 18-Aug-200817:30-20:30


Congratulations to the Monday Night Learn-to-race/intermediate racing class on an excellent exhibition of improvement in the Novice Racing Regatta which marks the last class. Dr. JT Lendon, former Novice Regatta champion and frequent Monday night sailor/coach was the PRO for the evening and did an exemplary job managing the starts and race course. 6 races were held in singlehanded Tech dinghies with 6-12 knot WSW wind. The first place finisher receives their name on the Jack Wood Trophy as the top Novice Racer for 2008 and thus barring them from future participation in the Novice Regatta (but always welcome at the class!)

2008 Novice Regatta for the Jack Wood Trophy Top 5 finishers (12 boats total)

Place Name Points
1 Sandro Herrera 24*
2 Jon Laiosa 24*
3 Ben Warfield 24*
4 Shane O'Donahue 27
5 Dave DeBlois 29

* 3 way tie broken by counting # of firsts, seconds, thirds, etc until tie is resolved.



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Matthew Lindblad

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46