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Welcome to the MIT Bluewater Sailing Wiki

Please visit the MIT Bluewater Sailing page for general information about the coastal sailing program at MIT. This wiki is used as a reference and administrative tool.


Contact Info - pavilion staff, MITNA skippers, SeaTow emergency, local marinas

Systems Status - current status of systems on the boat

Task List - ongoing list of things that need to be done

Shopping List - things needed for the boat

Electronics Upgrade - all the parts/plans for the upgrade

Technical Info

Systems Descriptions - detailed enumeration of systems

Safety Requirements - official requirements for equipment aboard the boat

Vessel Documentation - USCG Vessel Documentation, registration, MMSI No., PHRF-NE and CFR-MKII certificates

Documents - tabulation of technical documents, user manuals, and other reference materials

Inventory - what is on the boat and where is it stowed

History - boat construction, history, previous owner

Skipper and Crew Ratings

Bluewater Crew Rating - information and checklists

Bluewater Skipper - Expectations and Processes

Orientation and Education

Useful Resources - things to read as you learn about bluewater sailing

Departure Checklist - things to do before you get underway

Return Checklist - things to do before you leave the boat

Storm Checklist - things to do if a big storm or hurricane is coming

Standard Operational Procedures - various operational best practices

Winterization - things to make the boat secure for the winter

De-Winterization - things to make the boat ready for the sailing season

Maintenance - regular maintenance activities

Radio Channels in Boston Harbor - useful channels to know

Sailing Terminology - just when you thought you knew English

Intro to Bluewater Program - session recorded IAP 2023

Offshore Sailing Classes - IAP

Racing Mashnee - Racing Insights

Rogue Racing Series - September 25 to October 30, 2013

Bluewater History

These are previous MIT Nautical Association bluewater boats:

  • Mashnee - Buzzards Bay 30 -- Thanks to Jan Rozendaal !! -- Built in 1902; Re-built in 2008; sailed and raced at MIT 2018 to present
  • X-Dimension - C&C 43 -- Thanks to David Collins '59 !! -- Built 1973; sailed and raced at MIT 2011-2017.
  • Nevermore - Tartan 37 -- Thanks to Ralph Reis '48 !! Built 1980; sailed & raced at MIT 2007-2010.
  • Hermes - San Juan 24 -- Sailed at MIT at least 1984 - 1989
  • Aleida - Hinckley 38 -- Thanks to Albert Hopeman '34 -- !! Built 1970; sailed at MIT 1981-2005, raced 2001-2005.

These are the tracks and notes from various bluewater trips and events:


Web Links to vendors, boating organizations, official regulations, terminology, and various instructional sites.

Wiki Info - how to use the bluewater wiki