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X-Dimension Archive

This is the archive for information about X-Dimension. This wiki is used as a reference and administrative tool by the people who sail X-Dimension to help keep track of issues such as maintenance and repair.


Ship Systems Status - currrent status of systems on the boat

Task List - ongoing list of things that need to be done

Shopping List - Things needed for the boat

Technical Info

Systems Descriptions - detailed enumeration of systems

Vessel Documentation - U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation, registration, license, PHRF-NE Certificate

Documents - tabulation of technical documents, user manuals, and other reference materials

Inventory - what is on the boat and where is it stowed

History - boat construction, history, previous owner

Orientation and Education

Depart Checklist - things to do before you get underway

Return Checklist - things to do before you leave the boat

Standard Operational Procedures - various operational best practices

Winterization - things to make the boat secure for the winter

De-Winterization - things to make the boat ready for the sailing season

Offshore Sailing Course - IAP

Rogue Racing Series - September 25 to October 30, 2013


Web Links to vendors and other boating organizations (including MIT Sailing), official regulations, terminology, and various instructional sites.