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If a task needs additional explanation, please make a page for that task and post updates. When a task is completed, move it to the 'Completed Tasks' section, and include the date it was completed.

Please use the discussion page to discuss the prioritization and content of any of these tasks.

2023-2024 offseason work

Note: Most items on this list are based on post-haul out observations, which are listed on the discussion page.

Inspections (items probably outside MIT knowledge base)

  • Assess corrosion on chainplates, particularly where it is heaviest near the stainless steel diagonal supports
  • Deck joints around chainplates
  • Mast just under the forestay tang for incipient rot
  • Cutlass bearings


  • Varnish mast
  • Varnish bowsprit
  • Varnish cockpit coamings
  • Clean propeller
  • Winterize engine, freshwater system, and blackwater
  • Change fuel filters and impeller


  • Cabin hatch top
  • Shave edges from weatherboards to alleviate sticking and jamming
  • Repair porthole screens; clean gaskets and threads around portholes
  • Fill holes on lazarette and bow hatch strut attachment and re-install
  • Shorten reefing hook
  • Sail repairs: tears in 140 and 95 jibs; mainsail

Gear Replacements

  • New main sheet (three-strand works well - 90', 9/16" three-strand: New England Ropes Spun Classic or equivalent [1])
  • New jib sheets (60', 9/16 polyester double braid)
  • New topping lift
  • New mast boot

New Work

  • SOP + pictures of jackline setup

Budget for Next Year

  • Replace last two inflatable PFDs (2024 will be their 10th season)

Completed Tasks

From 2023 Season

All tasks unfinished at the end of the 2023 sailing season are here for reference. Please copy anything still relevant back to this page.