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If a task needs additional explanation, please make a page for that task and post updates. When a task is completed, move it to the 'Completed Tasks' section, and include the date it was completed.

Please use the discussion page to discuss the prioritization and content of any of these tasks.

Pre-storage (fall) tasks

  • Lay out all sails and look for any issues
  • Dry the spare lines, spinnakers, and anything else that’s wet, especially if they will be stored somewhere without air circulation
  • Inspect all lines, rig hardware, and spars before storing them for the winter
  • Inspect and inventory safety gear, medical kit, etc.
  • Inventory spare parts and make list of needed replacements
  • Scrub bilges around engine with Joy to remove fuel leak residue
  • Remove knives -- Gavin to resharpen

Organize bins:

  • Kitchen stuff
  • Foulies
  • PFDs + tethers
  • Books / charts / nav equipment + medical kits + safety equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Lines
  • Spares from under the forward berth

Dion's Work


  • Plan is to pull the board right away when hauled.
  • Grind off head until it swings easily through wood on top of the lead keel while swelled up. Put the boat back into water to make certain it swings freely with the box wet and swollen up. Remove board again and glass up properly and install downhaul line up through the tube to the cabin top as well. New bright red paint.
  • Get 1" half oval from Hamilton for Gasket Plates. Two 8' pieces... Cut to fit. Drill and counter sink for 1/4" screws on drill press. Install gasket beneath. Mark edges then, remove and re-cut gasket with hot knife. Then finally install...

Rigging, Hull, Motor

  • Replace spreader lights - convert to LEDs with lower profile, mount them better. Dions
  • We need a new (3rd) cowl vent, one went missing at the start of the season. Dions
  • Inspect all standing rigging, grease Furlex bearings top and bottom
  • All the hatch hinges need to be strengthened, replaced and/or repaired. We had water intrusion and loss of almost all of them this year (I think it was time catching up to them?) Dions
  • The forward hatch teeth (the part attached to the hull that the latch goes in) needs to be re-attached. Thru bolted in bronze pls Dions
  • The whole inside of the hull needs to be gone over, especially in the cockpit lockers. There was significant mold/mildew buildup. (We did a first round in November. Dions in Spring?)
  • Scrub bilges around engine with Dawn or Joy to remove fuel leak residue (we can also do this)
  • Create a way to hold the lid under the forepeak berth open when rummaging for supplies. Dions
  • Topsides touch-up again? Re-paint next year? Check plank ends at transom, please.
  • Bottom paint, What brands are best? Sea Hawk?
  • Varnish- Cabin top, toe rails, coamings, tiller, companionways, hatches, spars- Interior surfaces?
  • Winterize engine and all water systems
  • Motor- Change oil and filter. Leave spare filter on board
  • Replace low-pressure engine oil line near on-engine fuel filter that has a nick and slow oil leak. It is getting worse. (+ reattach to prevent chafe; check other lines for potential chafe).
  • Check forward starboard engine mount- seems off
  • Polish fuel tank- Boat should arrive with less than 1/3 tank
  • Purge water systems and flush/ bleach
  • Fresh o rings and gaskets on fuel fill, fresh water fill and holding tank
  • Flush and purge poop tank? Boat arrived mostly pumped out
  • Replace or repair two bent stanchions

North Work

  • We need a new canvas boot for the mast-deck connection. North.
  • Two little covers for furler line port. North
  • 140 work: Luff tape torn, need to buy a pre-feeder, Shorter aft batten along 140 foot
  • Big red spin- tear near clew repaired
  • Mainsail cover inspected and repaired as needed

Other outsource

  • Code Zero - must work with current hardware. Sleeve - to fit cable.
  • New #3 jib?
  • Second spinnaker halyard done properly - consistent in diameter
  • Replace dyneema topping lift?
  • New cable for spinnakers

MIT Work

Random Work

  • Buntlines for main sail reefing (these are the lines that pass through the grommets in the sail)
  • Bungees on head hatch - Gavin
  • Mounting for compass? New compass?


  • Working jib - bolt rope on the luff frayed near the head - fix
  • Stitch zipper stops for all sail bags


  • Replace jib sheet - same diameter, length + 1' - maybe just fix?
  • Whipped jib sheet ends
  • Replace or end for end the main sheet
  • Cunningham purchase system to easily be soft shackled on when needed - carabiner?
  • Longer jib furling line to let us lead it aft? Soft shackle fairlead?
  • Winches broken down and greased - Gavin
  • Jib prefeeder - us
  • Tack line hardware for attaching spin roller furler to a jamming bight - delay for now?
  • Ring-dings for turnbuckles
  • Replace all cotter pins
  • Double smaller block for jib halyard. - Us

Shopping List

Stew says we can find most of these in the pavilion


  • Handle to replace capstan? Get Fran a drawing - Gavin
  • Housing for the radar reflector—a bag or permanent hook or both - Libby
  • Figure out anti-fouling for the dinghy motor (doesn't tilt far enough up to keep prop out of water).
  • Anti-foul the dinghy bottom
  • All the dinghy glue
  • Replace eye for lee cloth on port berth
  • Repair screen on the starboard porthole
  • More permanent repair to companionway screen (+ better place to store)
  • Replace flag on end of windex triangle
  • Winch handle release issue -- can we fix this?
  • Clean up wood around bilge panels for easier access
  • Grease companionway tracks
  • Spruce up soundproofing around the engine
  • Enlarge spreader patches after repair on 160

Radar and electronics

  • Base for radar mount?
  • Full electronics meeting to follow. Radar/new MFD, etc? Both B&G and Raymarine reps just recommended getting a new raymarine radar. To replace the MFD we’d also need to replace a lot of the sensors around the boat.
  • New Raymarine radar so that we can it to display on the chart plotter?
  • Get rid of gremlins in the wireless displays (voltage boost?)
  • Get touchscreen physical buttons properly working
  • Get a new MMSI and reprogram everything so we don't conflict with "FUSION" on the west coast? -- AIS MOB, VHF, etc.
  • Engine panel electrical gremlins - clean and reseat all contacts…
  • Neaten up wiring to the chartplotter so that the "T" lives inside the cabinet
  • Expedition software? If so, need a windows PC setup...


  • High water bilge alarm should be rewired to also pump; right now if the lower switch fails the high water alarm will go off but the pump won’t run - Ted
  • Cabin lighting -- LED and red/white option (Dions)
  • Electrical panel -- replace LED "power on indicator" for running lights


  • Some safety provisions for short-handed and/or night time sailing?
  • SOP + pictures of jackline setup
  • Encourage all to take a Safety at Sea seminar this winter.
  • Procure 3 re-arm kits for PFDs - on order list
  • Procure an 3rd water-activated light for 3rd throwable - on order list


  • Create a video of changing and seating washers and gaskets properly?

Spring (Pre-Launch) Tasks

  • Rearm PFDs & Re-attach MOB AIS units to marker PFDs
  • Inventory + restock med kit
  • Go over whole hull for mold/mildew
  • Review all tools and service/replace any that are necessary and broken/too rusty
  • Sails to move on in spring
    • 140
    • 160
    • New 105
    • Main
    • New code 0
    • Big red

Next summer

  • Training sessions
  • Skipper dry run for jacklines + MOB

Completed Tasks

  • Re-rig reefing hook to sit closer to the boom - Part is in the liquor locker drawers with a shackle on it.
  • Wipe down all surfaces to reduce mold/mildew. (Used a mild bleach solution followed by freshwater wipe-down)
  • Scrub overhead above refrigerator to remove mildew
  • Remove PFDs, lines, [and all other moveable gear not needed by Dions to Bay 4 of the sailing pavilion]
  • Remove all cutlery, plates, pots, etc.
  • Inspected mainsail, working jib, 135 and 160 [11 Nov. 2022]
  • Manually inflate + inspect all PFDs [2 Dec. 2022]

Completed Procurement