Rogue Racing Series

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Our formal bluewater racing season is over, but an informal "rogue" racing series, sponsored by the Constitution Yacht Club begins on 25 September and goes through 30 October. This is a pursuit format where each boat is given a start time based on their handicap.

It's a great opportunity to come out and see what bluewater racing is all about. The last race on October 30 is in costume followed by a party (in true rogue style, last year, most boats abandoned the course short of the windward mark to get to the party early). If you have a current sailing card, please sign up for one or more of the races on the MIT Sailing web site. Some bluewater experience is desirable and we will include as many as we can during the series.

Our Letter of Marque can be found here:[[1]]

The table of start times can be found here:‎ [[2]]

The courses can be found here:[[3]]