Departure checklist

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This is the checklist of things to do before getting underway.

  • Check recent log entries
  • Make log entry, including at least the following:
    • date and time
    • full name of each person on board
    • engine hours (digital display in the tachometer - turn the key to the “accessory” position)
    • bilge pump cycles
    • fuel state
    • engine oil and coolant levels and top off if necessary
  • Check serpentine belt tightness
  • Check for drips in the tray under the engine
  • Check bilge water level and pump operation
  • Remove cowl vents and replace with caps
  • Configure electrical panels to desired operation
  • Place at lease one throwable PFD in cockpit (located in locker across from head or in lazarette hatch)
  • Give basic lecture for new sailors (must be less than 10 minutes):
    • avoiding the boom
    • lack of lifelines and safety when moving around the boat
    • man overboard procedures (yell, point, throw, commence skipper's pickup procedure)
    • location and use of life jackets
    • location and use of fire extinguishers
    • VHF radio operation
    • winch operation and safety, including handle
    • hydration / seasickness
    • calling out conflicting traffic
  • Review rules of the head with crew:
    • No toilet paper in toilet
    • Only sit-down use of toilet