Aleida History

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ALEIDA HISTORY (tracks, trip reports, system info)

  • We have some historical info to attach to this "history" page.
    • list of trips, with skippers and all crew listed, and for longer or seemingly special trips, some terse description of the trip (ascii format))
    • list of one entry per trip as recorded by the MARS scheduling system (ascii form of the MARS HTML page)

  • Other info to include here:
    • list of all races (html)
    • list of all places we berthed her, with some opinion on the different flavors of scheduling, flexibility of planning, need for cars, etc.
    • one skipper's Maine trip chart plottings and some itinary listings
    • a couple pictures, usually from afar, but some with interesting surroundings...

Note that scheduling of Aleida was done using a signup sheet at the pavilion; only the last four(?) years did we have the MARS online system to schedule sails and to sign up crews.
Note also that -- for most of the time we used her -- car transportation was the most efficient way to get to the boats, but as the democraphics of skippers and crews through the years would change, sometimes using cars was not handy to do.