Return checklist

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Before leaving the boat

  • Tidy up
    • wipe kitchen surfaces
    • sweep/wipe cabin floor
    • sweep/wipe cockpit surfaces
    • check that toilet is clean and empty
  • Complete log entry, including:
    • date and time
    • fuel level (push the black button on the engine panel)
    • engine hours (digital display in the tachometer)
    • name of person making the entry
    • description of trip, including destination, route, weather
    • enumeration of things that were repaired, need to be repaired, will soon need to be repaired
  • Stow winch handles in little deck boxes
  • Replace cowl vents
  • Lash rudder
  • Ensure that headsail is furled and secured, and jib sheets are tight
  • Ensure the main halyard is attached to the deck fitting, not the head of the sail
  • Tie a lateral line to the aft end of the boom to prevent it from swinging
  • Ensure the engine key is off
  • Ensure all hatches (3) and port lights (2) are closed and secured
  • Ensure all circuit breakers are off
  • Remove all trash from the boat
  • Confirm the mooring line is on and tied off

For the dinghy before leaving the marina

  • scrub floor
  • freshwater rinse
  • wipe salt residue from motor surfaces
  • Stow motorboat key in lockbox on dock

After every few trips

  • deck
    • scrub the decks
    • remove scuff marks from transom and aft hull
    • freshwater rinse exterior above the waterline
    • flush soot and dirt from toe rails
  • head
    • drain holding tank then flush it a few times
    • scrub/wipe all surfaces
    • clean drain pan and grid
  • bilge
    • scrub with brushes and rinse
    • clean bilge well of any particles
    • remove all slime and debris from pump strainers
  • kitchen
    • clean stove and oven
    • clean sinks
    • clean countertops
  • main cabin
    • wipe/scrub all wood surfaces with murphy's wood soap (diluted)
    • wipe/scrub ceiling with simple green (diluted)
    • wipe/scrub hatches and mast with simple green (diluted) to remove salt residue
  • dinghy
    • scrub bottom of dinghy