Mashnee systems

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This is an exhaustive list of Mashnee's various subsystems.




Mast and Boom

Standing Rigging

Shrouds and Spreaders

Headstay and Backstay

Running Backstays

Running Rigging




Sails Kept on the Boat


  • Sobstad mainsail, new 2021 (only really used 2022)


  • working jib (<100%)(~2008)
  • 135 (~2008)
  • 140 (new 2022)
  • 165 (new 2022)


  • code zero (white sail in Doyle bag)
  • reacher (green and white)
  • Big red (red)

Sails not on the boat

  • 100% jib




Power Train


40 HP Volvo D2-40 diesel engine. Installed: 2008.



Stuffing Box


2 blades Gori feathering propeller.


Fuel System

20 Gallon diesel fuel tank.

When the tank is full, the fuel gauge reads "F". When the tank is 10 gallons down, the fuel gauge reads "E". The gauge seems to be non-linear and should not be relied upon for accurate measurement of the fuel tank.

Fluids and Filters and Impeller

  • Engine Oil: 15W-40
  • Engine Oil Filter: volvo penta 3840525
  • Racor Fuel filter: R12P
  • Engine Fuel Filter: Volvo Penta 861477-8





Bilge Pumps

Strum Boxes




Electric Wiring

These two documents were provided by Mashnee's restorers:



Two batteries run through a battery switch. Batteries are both house and engine; no distinction possible with current wiring.

Solar Charging


Circuit Breaker Panel =

Cabin Lights



Navigation Lights


Lightning Dissipation



Raymarine ST60 wind instrument. This is no longer supported by Raymarine, so if it goes kaput we'll want to replace it. The mast wiring runs into a small white Raymarine box which is located in the ceiling just to port of the mast. As of May 2019, the connection was made via a screw terminal domino block.

Depth Sounder/Log/Water temperature

Airmar Intelligent Tri, part #20-435-01. Note that while this is the number printed on the back of the transducer, it is likely not the correct part number for finding the docu online, as I was unable to discover anything in a google search. [KDS]

Also note that the water temp is not currently being reported to the MFD (May 2019).


The radar and AIS require a boat heading data source. As of May 18th, 2019, a Raymarine AR200 is sketchily installed. [KDS]

NMEA 2000 network

There is a SeaTalkng backbone, which is an NMEA 2000 network with non-standard connectors. As of May 2019, the backbone was installed behind the Axiom MFD.


Another near-future thing (as of May 2019). We have the radar (B&G Broadband 4G Radar); we are looking for a way to install it in a 1902-compliant manner.

AIS Transponder

  • Vesper Marine XB-8000 Class-B AIS Transponder. As of Aug. 2019, it is installed behind the VHF in the forward compartment. The WiFi network and password are written on the unit.


Fixed VHF

Magnetic Compasses

There is a magnetic compass which is placed in the starboard lazarette. When it is deployed it is mounted on a small brass rail at the foot of the companionway. The two wires plug into the bottom of the sailing instruments box.

Note, this compass cannot be trusted. Compasses do not take hard knocks well, and there is no guarantee that its placement is not in a magnetically pathological location. This compass can be used for relative heading hold, e.g. maintaining a number. However, the absolute values are not to be trusted at all. [KDS]



The stove is an Orico-style alcohol stove. Alcohol does not burn as hot as propane so it takes longer to cook.

To operate the stove, remove the wooden plate and place it above, where the metal underside will serve as a heat deflector.

The top of the stove needs to be open to reveal the metal canister underneath. There is a black rubber disk which seals the canister and keeps the alcohol from evaporating. Remove this.

Ensure that the stove dial is turned to the on position, and then the stove can be lit with a lighter or match.

The stove is extinguished by turning the dial fully off, and then replacing the rubber disk and the wooden cover.

Ice Box

  • There is a sump under the ice box to collect the meltwater. This sump can be emptied via the salt water foot pump for the sink if the cross-flow valve underneath the sink is switched. The valve has a pointer on it and the pointer must point up (12:00) for sump drain and to the right (3:00) for the salt water intake.
sump drain valve


Fresh Water


Fire Extinguishers


  1. Spinlock 5D, rearmed 2021
  2. Spinlock 5D, rearmed 2021
  3. Spinlock 5D, rearmed 2021
  4. Spinlock 6D, new 2022. Armed with MOB 1 AIS beacon (exp. 2029)
  5. Spinlock 5D, rearmed 2021
  6. Spinlock 6D, new 2022. Armed with MOB 1 AIS beacon (exp. 2029)
  7. Spinlock 6D, new 2022. Armed with MOB 1 AIS beacon (exp. 2029)
  8. Spinlock 6D, new 2022. Armed with MOB 1 AIS beacon (exp. 2029)
  9. Spinlock 6D, new 2022. Armed with MOB 1 AIS beacon (exp. 2029)
  • Inflators are UML5 (5D) or Sensor PRO (6D) with 38g cylinders
  • All have harnesses built-in


Harnesses, Jacklines, Tethers

  • 7 tethers, 3 new as of 2022
  • 4x jacklines

Visual Distress Signals