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Please feel free to add your favorite sailing links that would be helpful to Nevermore sailors

Nautical Terminology has an excellent and extensive nautical dictionary


If you are going to sail regularly, it's important you know how to tie a bowline, how to cleat properly, and how to do a clove hitch. If you might have a winch overrun, or get a lobster trap line in your prop, you'll want to have learned the rolling-hitch. has videos on how to tie knots


West Marine shop online
catalog is aboard Nevermore; local store Woburn and other locations in MA

West Marine jobber (wholesale) web sales
same prices also available at retail stores; certain skippers & staff have access

Defender mail-order

Sailor's Solutions Northport, N.Y., 631-754-1945

LED lamps to replace filament bulbs.

Hansen Marine, Marblehead, MA - 800-343-0480 or 781-631-3282

Fawcett Boat Supplies, Annapolis, MD

for the Westerbeke 50 engine (AKA W 50 in many of their ref pages)
note that they don't have any "customer service" department; they refer us to Hansen Marine

craft power

sells parts for perkins motors
199 wildwood ave, woburn, ma 781.938.9100

jack young

manufacturer of oil hoses
alston, ma

hub starters

rebuild starter motors

Good Old Boat/Torreson Marine, Inc


barient winch parts

MA Regulations

C&C Organizations

Web resources and active mailing list for C&C yacht owners.

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Ontario
Canadian maritime history collection, including original C&C designs.


  • : Mass. Bay Sailing Association (racing)
    • (click "offshore" to get to big-boat racing info: schedule, previous years' results, etc)
    • yyyy - the "200x Mass Bay Sailing Offshore Book" link describes all MBSA races for the year
    • 2007 race [results] page 2 shows Nevermore's predecessor Aleida had 3-way tie
      with 9 boats finishing ahead and 46 after in Flip-Flop pursuit race)
    • 2001 - 2005 offshore race [results] shows Aleida standings when raced by MIT crews
  • 2006 TODO: find Aleida's results in Buzzards Bay (or Figawi?) racing, where some MIT racer reported seeing her
  • personal websites:
    • 2001 - 2005 racing [summary] outlines Aleida's MIT racing career and personnel who raced
    • 1983, 1985, 2007 racing [summary] outlines Nevermore's races by former owner, and by MIT crew

Maritime Regulations

  • American Boatschool [website] has general info about the course that 4 former Aleida captains
    and 3 prospective Nevermore skippers are using Jan-June 2008.
  • Boatwise CG license course [material] has USCG application forms with same version levels
    as American Boatschool application packet handed out to class @ May08
    Note: Aleida skippers upgrading to 6-pack tickets aren't actually using this school's offerings
  • [USCG Merchant Marine Licensing] site seems to have general, and possibly specific, info needed to apply for 6-pack;
    One navigation path is Charter Boat Capt. | OUPV in top menu list
    • [package] has same pages as Capt. Mike's handouts c.Feb08, except with more pages (10 total)
      but without the fill-in forms
    • this site is too inscrutable for Thom to find the actual data forms needed too (May08)
      and we like the "Boatwise" site above for these forms
  • Grossetti [License Consulting] website has many links, including
    • packages of forms for applying for licenses (similar to ones given us by Boatwise)
    • look up CG-documented boats (owner, size, etc., by official number or by name) (NOAA)
    • definition of the USCG's "inland" vs "near coastal" Boundary Line for licensing
    • vessel equipment checklists
(queerly, section 7.1 General Purpose(s) of Boundary Lines does NOT identify how USCG uses this line
to specify licenses as "near shore" -vs- 100 miles off shore?]

Maintenance Guides and Philosophies

Boston Harbor Marinas

warren trafton

admiral's hill
305 Commandants Way
Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150
winter: $58/ft dry, $29/ft wet (2008-09)

shipyard quarters marina

1 13th St # 8
Charlestown, MA 02129

boston harbor shipyard and marina
256 Marginal St
Boston, MA 02128

constitution marina

28 Constitution Rd
Charlestown, MA 02129

quarterdeck marina (boston bay marina)

84 Condor St
East Boston, MA

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