Racing Mashnee

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Notes from Jan, who raced Mashnee for 10 years:

Jibs: The big jib works up to about 15 apparent. There is a no. 2 which we didn’t use much. Our sailmaker advises not to leave the big jib on the stay after using it as it does not have U.V. protection. You are dead meat with the small jib below 10K.

Mainsail Trim: Because there is no traveler it is impossible to get the boom on centerline unless it is really light air. We found that the boat pointed just fine with the boom a bit off center.

Running backstay and stay tension: Basically you just have to make sure the mast is straight and is not “pumping”. If she sails differently on one tack than the other there is probably a problem.

Heel: The rail should be down, but not dragging in the water

Telltails: Don't be a slave to the telltales. In addition to feathering up in puffs, ease the main and work to windward, then bear off and trim in. Use the speedo and compass to gauge if you are pinching, even if the inside telltails start to luff