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An Introduction to Sailboat Racing

The booklet that helped many in the past has been scanned for future generations to enjoy!

Two version are available:

MITNA Learn to Race

When: Mondays 17:30-19:30
Summer Only
Who: MITNA Normal & Racing Members
Boats: Tech Dinghy, Lynx Catboat, Firefly
Contact: Racing Chair

During the summer, the “Introduction to Racing” class is offered on Monday evenings. This popular course draws beginning sailors and racers as well as many long-time crews looking to move into the back of the boat. The class culminates in a regatta in which the novice racers have the chance to exhibit their new skills. The winner becomes the Novice Regatta Champ.


No events scheduled

All of the regattas run by MITNA follow the Racing Rules of Sailing set by World Sailing, as amended by the US Sailing Prescriptions set by US Sailing and the Class Rules of the Intercollegiate Dinghy Class as set by ICSA.

Updated: 2018/05/23 07:01:52
Updated: 2018/05/23 07:01:52