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The Lynx Catboat

Intro Classes

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Class size limited to 5 people, please pre-register.

The Lynx Catboat


MIT has a fleet of six Lynx Catboat sailboats from Arey's Pond Boat Yard. The Lynx is beautiful and simple to rig and sail, but takes some getting used to -- especially since it is the only gaff-rigged* boat at MIT. It is a great party boat: the boats are large and flat, making them more stable than the Tech Dinghy. Their larger size can accomodate 2 to 8 people. The boat is self-bailing, which means the deck stays mostly dry.
* (gaff-rigged means it has a four-sided sail, held on the top by a diagonal pole called the "gaff")

All our boats have built-in lights for moonlight sailing and a hinged mast for going on harbor trips.

This class will teach you the basics of how to get started sailing on the Lynx. Upon successful completion, you'll receive the new "Lynx catboat" rating. The class is taught on the boat, so please be ready to sail.

You will learn:

  • The parts of a gaff-rigged catboat (throat, peak, gaff, etc.)
  • Rig the Lynx and hoisting its sail
  • Leave the mooring safely
  • Not to get stuck while tacking
  • Jibing gracefully
  • Use of the centerboard
  • Pick up the mooring
  • Unrig and put away the Lynx
  • Dock with a fender and lines
  • To "reef" (reduce the sail area for high winds)
  • What to do if you panic or feel overpowered
  • General tips on sailing the boat
  • Rules of the road


  • Before attending the class, please watch the Lynx videos as preparation.
  • A provisional rating is required to sail the Lynx Catboat, so we ask that MIT sailors get their provisional rating before taking this class.
  • Please pre-register above (the system checks that you have your provisional rating).

Further Reading & References

  • MITNA Wiki Lynx 16 page
  • Arey's Pond's Lynx page

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