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MITNA Summer Team Racing Program

When: Thursdays 17:30-Sunset
Summer Only
Who: MITNA Normal & Racing Members
Boats: Mainly Firefly, maybe FJs, possibly Tech Dinghies

We hope you will join us for great racing in the fireflies on Thursday nights. All participants are required to sign up for a racing card or the team racing membership.


Thu 30-May-2024 Special start time: 18:00

How to Sign Up

There are 2 options:

  1. Purchase a racing card that will allow you to race in any of the MIT evening series.
  2. If you are only going to team race for the summer, you can purchase a team racing card. Everyone who participates will have to get a sailing card, but you are only allowed to race in the Thursday team racing series.

Rates are as follows:

Team Racing summer only
MIT Studentn/a, get a normal card free
Non-MIT College/High School Students$25
Under 30yr$70

If you want to upgrade you can pay the difference for the full racing card. To register for the card:

  • Select "new Account" from the Sailing Card drop down menu. Fill in information and pay.
  • Have your card printed when you come to sail.

MITNA commodore Jeff Dusek is going to do pairings and teams. You will have to email the list by noon on Thursdays to help Jeff organize the racing. Please pay attention to this, as the system only really works if everyone is good about emailing when they will and will not be racing.

To join the list either:

  • From your account page, subscribe to the "mitna-team-racing" list.
  • Go to mailman directly and sign up for the list.

What is team racing?

Team racing involves sets of 3 or 4 boats forming a team. On each match two teams compete against each other to get the least amount of points possible, to win the match. Each boat gets as many points as their place in the finish, and each team sums their points.

For example, on a three boat team, there is a maximum of 21 points (1+2+3+4+5+6), therefore any winning combination is one that sums less than 11 points:

1+2+3= 6
2+3+4= 9

and so on...

Usually each team races at least six times, and the team they compete against rotates so that each team plays every other team. The team with most wins is first; in the case of a tie look at head-to-head wins, and then at total points.

For more information on sailing team racing you can visit the following links:

All of the regattas run by MITNA follow the Racing Rules of Sailing set by World Sailing, as amended by the US Sailing Prescriptions set by US Sailing and the Class Rules of the Intercollegiate Dinghy Class as set by ICSA.

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Updated: 2014/06/22 13:59:34