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Learn To Sail: What's Next?

Thank you for attending our learn to sail classes. We hope you had lots of fun! Now you are wondering what is next?

Here is what you should do:

  1. Get a sailing account to request a Sailing Card.
  2. Return to the Pavilion and ask a staff member (at the front desk) to print your sailing card.
  3. Sail, sail, sail! We mean it, go sailing as much as you can, that's how you're going to learn.
  4. Read the Guide to Sailing at MIT to learn about access, guest policy, and important safety requirements.
  5. Review the instructional videos. They are available to everyone.
  6. Read the booklet, Sailing and the Tech Dinghy and learn all the sailing terms.
  7. Practice for the Provisional Rating test. The provisional test is a great way to push yourself to master the basics of sailing: putting your boat together, tacking, and jibing. As before, ask for help so that you can learn quickly and have as much fun as possible!
  8. Ask for help! The Pavilion staff and volunteers are there to help you; you may even run into some of the people who taught you in the Learn-to-Sail class.
  9. Sail, sail, and sail more!!! Then try some of the options below and learn about more advanced ratings.

Other Classes

You can also take advantage of other classes once you get more comfortable on the boat, usually once you have your provisional rating:

  • Once you've obtained your provisional rating, consider attending a Learn-to-Race series over the summer. Learning to race is a great way to improve your technique. The class will teach not just the rules of racing, but more importantly how to sail well.
  • An Introduction to the Lynx Catboat class is now being offered. This class will teach you the basics of how to get started sailing on the Lynx. Note that you need to have a provisional rating to take the class.

Updated: 2022/07/21 11:16:37
Updated: 2022/07/21 11:16:37